Pure Hearts are the Purity Heart divided into eighths that was created by the Ancients to counteract the devastating power of the Chaos Heart and the Void. During the events of Super Paper Mario, Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Bowser have to recover them in order to challenge Count Bleck.

After locating each of the pure hearts, Mario and his allies have to deposit them in heart pillars, white oblong towers that appear in both Flipside and its counterpart Flopside. Whenever Mario puts another pure heart in its tour, it opens up another world in Flipside, and another chapter of the game.
Pure heart

The Pure Hearts in the game.


Is given to Mario right at the beginning of the journey by Merlon in Flipside. This Pure Heart is guarded by Fracktail in the Yold Ruins. However, Fracktail went out of control and was given to Mario by Merlumina. This Pure Heart was kept by Merlee in Gloam Valley. This Pure Heart emerged from The Bitlands's Fort Francis as a "reward" for rescuing Tippi.
This Pure Heart is hidden by the ancient Squirpians in the Whoa Zone in Outer Space. This Pure Heart is kept by the Floro Sapiens in the Land of the Cragnons. This Pure Heart is kept by King Sammer in the Sammer Kingdom. This Pure Heart is personified as a Nimbi named Luvbi who was adopted by Grambi and Queen Jaydes.
The background color represents the color of that Pure Heart.
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