The Puni Orb is a key item in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door given to Mario by the Puni Elder in The Great Tree.


Throughout the Great Tree, there are several pedestals where the orb can be placed. If the orb is put into a pedestal, Mario's Punis will surround the pedestal motionless. This way, it is easier for Madame Flurrie to blow the Punis, which is needed to solve certain puzzles. Also, there are other kinds of pedestals which require a certain number of Punis to stand on it, and Mario can use the Puni Orb to make the Punis stand there. When the needed number of Punis are on the pedestal, a new area of the Great Tree will be accessed.

Lord Crump created an imitation of a normal pedestal. Once the Puni Orb is placed inside the imitation pedestal, a cage falls down, trapping Mario, his Punis, and his allies. Mario can use his Paper Mode to escape the cage with his allies, but the Punis are still trapped. Once Mario obtains the Super Boots, then he can go back inside the cage and free the Punis.

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