The Punis are a race of small-like bugs from the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, who live in The Great Tree, in Boggly Woods. The name of the species is a play on the word "puny" meaning small and weak. There is a Puni Elder.


Punis come in many different shapes and sizes. Though, the most common type are the plain ones with yellow antennas. The most notable, Punio, has a green antenna instead of the usual yellow like the others while his sister has a pink one.


As stated above, the Punis live peacefully in The Great Tree. It is stated that they inhabit the tree due to the many enemies that live outside of it. Punis have a great fear of Piders as the spider-like enemies feed on the Punies. The Punies also share their home with their archrivals: The Jabbis. The Punis and Jabbis always get into a battle whenever they first meet which usually results in the Punis winning.


The Punis play an important role in Chapter 2 as they are needed for Mario to obtain the Crystal Star. Over 100 Punis can follow Mario and they are needed to help open special Warp Pipes and defeat the Jabbis (who have joined with the X-Nauts at the time). Mario must be careful as if even a single Jabbi is missing, Mario cannot process any further. Flurrie and her ability is needed as well to blow the Punis off of platforms.

Notable Punis

  • Punio: The first Puni seen in the game. Mario may have noticed him when he first when into Rogueport Sewers but Punio runs into a small hole that cannot be accessed until Mario gets the Paper Thiness ability from Hooktail Castle. Punio, seeing Mario isn't a threat and as an ally, leads him to The Great Tree to help defeat the X-Nauts.
  • Petuni: Punio's younger sister. She was first seen locked up in a cell until Mario and Punio freed her.
  • Puniper: The largest of the Punis. He often tends to bully Punio and was very distrusting of Mario at first. He was forced to join the group after the Puni Elder demands him to.
  • Puni Elder: An elderly Puni. The Puni Elder is the leader of the Punis and she is very easily angered. The Puni Elder is also very wise and knows about the Crystal Star that's hidden down below.
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