Pungent's shop is an Item Shop that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Pungent's shop can be found in The Great Tree. Unlike all other Item Shops in the game, Pungent's shop is hidden and can only be located by using Madame Flurrie's Gale Force on a certain wall. As the name states, this Item Shop is owned by Pungent, a Puni. Pungent's Shop sells rather rare items such as HP Drains and Mini Mr. Minis. Jabble the Jabbi can also be found hidden in Pungent's Shop. Despite the Jabbis being enemies to the Punis, Pungent doesn't see Jabble as a threat due to how young he is and allows the young Jabbi to travel with Mario, Punio, and the other Punis.


Image Item Price
Ice Storm.png Ice Storm 15 coins
HPDrainItem.gif HP Drain 10 coins
Mystery.png Mystery 3 coins
Minimrmini.gif Mini Mr. Mini 10 coins
Honey Syrup TTYD.png Honey Syrup 5 coins
Mushroom (TTYD).png Mushroom 3 coins