Super Mario RPG Statistics: Punchinello
Punchinello's artwork from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Location(s) Moleville Mines
Health Points (HP) 1200; 20000 (Armageddon)
Attack 60
Defense 42
Magic Attack 22
Magic Defense 40
Weaknesses None
Dropped Item None
Psychopath Message "Yeeha! I see we're already famous!"
Dropped Coins 0
Experience Points 0

Punchinello is an expert with explosives. He is also a little bit insane. He lived in the Moleville Mines. He wanted to be famous and decided that the quickest way to do that was to defeat Mario.


Punchinello is a clown-like character that is mainly purple, red, and while in color. He also has a medal  with a smiley face on his chest.


In battle he uses bombs all different sizes including regular Bob-ombs and Mezzo Bombs. He also uses the deadly Sand Storm attack which may inflict Fear on Mario's team.


Mario's team should start out strong using Magic attacks to weaken Punchinello. One Punchinello summons the Mezzo Bombs, they should stick to one hit, strong physical attacks and quickly take out Punchinello. 

Special Attacks