Super Mario RPG Statistics: Pulsar
Pulsar Sprite - Super Mario RPG
Location(s) Star Hill, Bowser's Keep
Health Points (HP) 69
Attack 75
Defense 90
Magic Attack 33
Magic Defense 35
Weaknesses Fire
Dropped Item Pick Me Up (25%)
Yoshi Cookie Item Pick Me Up
Bonus Flower Lucky! (90%)
Psychopath Message "I'm a mini-pulsar."
Dropped Coins 12
Experience Points 15

The Pulsar is an enemy that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Pulsars are rather strange, crystal-like enemies that can be mainly found on Star Hill.


In battle, Pulsars are capable of using powerful electric spells such as Static E! and Bolt. However, Pulsars are rather infamous for using a kamikaze attack known as Migraine which can instantly knock out one of Mario's party if not guarded against. Pulsars will always use this attack when they are defeated.


Pulsars are weak to fire attacks meaning any of Mario's fire techniques are effective against them. However, one should be careful when dealing with a Pulsar as they will use Migraine in attempt to take a party member down with it. Ironically, Pulsars usually drop Pick Me Ups when they are defeated.

Special Moves