Puftups are enemies that appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are pufferfish enemies that are fairly rare in the game.


Puftups can be first found in Gloomy Galleon in a few areas. Puftups mainly swim around and when they spot a Kong, they will inflate and explode themselves. Since Puftups always explode on contact, there is no direct way to defeat them without taking damage. Puftops should be avoided at all times but are very rare in the game.


  • Puftoss is most likey the leader of the Puftups especially since it can spit out smaller Puftups during the boss fight.
  • A Puftop is also seen during the King Kut Out boss fight at Creepy Castle.
  • The Puftups are the only enemies in the game to appear during boss fights.
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