Puftoss, also referred to as the Blowfish Baddie, is the fourth boss of the game Donkey Kong 64. It is a large Puftup that is fought in Gloomy Galleon by Lanky Kong.


During this entire battle, Lanky will be riding in a small boat to fight Puftoss. Puftoss has a few attacks that can be difficult to avoid.


  • Fireball Spit: Puftoss' basic attack. Puftoss mainly shoots fireballs at Lanky and it can be avoided by constantly moving in one direction.
  • Shockwave: Puftoss will scream loudly and launch a large, blue shockwave that cannot be jumped over. Lanky must head to the edge of the arena to avoid this attack.
  • Fireball Rain: Puftoss will look toward the sky and spit fireballs up there that eventually rain down in random locations. Simply moving can avoid this attack but it should be noted that Puftoss may use other attacks such as the Shockwave while the Fireball Rain is still in effect.
  • Puftop Spit: Puftoss may spit out a Puftop that will quickly follow Lanky around. Always staying moving is the key to avoiding this attack.


The key to damaging Puftoss is to go through five DK Rings to make some posts move up. Lanky must go through five of them within a time limit to shock Puftoss. It takes five hits total to defeat Puftoss and the time gets shorter and shorter after each round. After defeating Puftoss, Lanky is awarded with a Boss Key.


  • Puftoss may have been protecting it's terrority but since it was keeping a Boss Key, it can be assumed it's a henchmen of King K. Rool.
  • Puftoss is often viewed as one of the scariest bosses in the game due to its first appearance with the other being Mad Jack.
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