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[[de:Zieh auf den Pustegipfel!]]
[[de:Zieh auf den Pustegipfel!]]
[[Category:Levels in Super Mario 3D World]]
[[Category:Levels in Super Mario 3D World]]

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Puffprod Peaks is the second level of World 2 in Super Mario 3D World.


This is the first level that features platforms that the player interact with by blowing into the Gamepad microphone.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: At the first shiny wall, tap the tiles except the top-left one leading to the star and wall-jump.
  • Green Star 2: By the second group of Micro-Goombas, use the platforms to reach the Lakitu's Cloud taking you to the clouds above. Reach the far right of the clouds to get the star.
  • Green Star 3: Below the third last Piranha Plant is the star. Don't touch the last platform before that Piranha Plant and blow on that platform to get on it. Don't blow it once on it to get the star.


Puffprod Peaks Stamp
When reaching the pair of shiny platforms, tap the second one to reveal a hole to fall into and ride the platform to the Goomba stamp.
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