Puffer Fish are enemies found in the Super Mario Galaxy games. They are very rare enemies and commonly inhabit underwater coves. They reveal themselves as Mario (or Luigi) approach and then charge at them and self destruct upon contact or if they linger for long enough.


Super Mario Galaxy

Puffer Fish are seen in the Drip Drop Galaxy Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy. Two can be found in Treasure chests. Once these Chests are broken open with Shells, the Puffer Fish will emerge and charge at Mario (or Luigi) doing damage upon contact. Whether their attack succeeds or fails, they self destruct immediately after the attack is initiated. A Puffer Fish can also be defeated with the use of a Shell.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Puffer Fish return in Super Mario Galaxy 2 however only one is seen in the entire game. It is located in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy in the underwater tunnel to the Twin Waterfalls. It appears out of nowhere as Mario (or Luigi) approach and attacks, it's behavior and self destruct methods are the same as before. They can also be defeated with a Shell.


  • In both games they appear in, (Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2), the Puffer Fish somehow disappear after a short while. This makes their status as a rare enemy even more rarer, being momentary.