The Puff-Puff Machine is an object that was seen in the game Paper Mario.


The Puff-Puff Machine is a large, metallic object with many buttons on it. It has an exhaust on the end that expels the dark clouds.


The Puff-Puff Machine was the key object to Huff N. Puff's takeover of Flower Fields. Huff N. Puff created the Puff-Puff Machine to block out the Sun causing Flower Fields to fall into despair. Mario and company were informed by the Sun that the Puff-Puff Machine must be destroyed in order to restore Flower Fields back to its usual self. Mario eventually makes it over to it and after defeating all of the enemies guarding it, he was able to destroy the Puff-Puff Machine with multiple hammer attacks. With the Puff-Puff Machine destroyed, the Sun is can shine across Flower Fields and bring it back to normal.

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