Psychopath is one of Mallow's spells in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


When Mallow uses it, the screen darkens and two lights circle around the enemy while drums play in the background. After that, a cloud with a question mark appears on top of the enemy's head. When the cloud vanishes, the enemy's remaining HP is being displayed in blue numbers. If you press any button (e.g. time it right), right before the cloud appears, you will hear a "Ding" sound, as usual, and a dialogue line appears, displaying what the enemy thinks. Doing this is sometimes useful because it can reveal weaknesses. This attack is a Time Level 1 attack.


  • Instead of using Psychopath on every single enemy, just to know what it thinks, the player can use Lazy Shell - The Super Mario RPG editor with which you can see the message in the Stats Editor.
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