Professor Frankly is a character that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is an elderly Goomba that helps Mario throughout the game.


He also helps Goombella with the task. He lives in Rogueport and is a former teacher at U Goom. He knows much knowledge and this is shown throughout the game.

Frankly is in Rogueport to study the legendary treasure underneath the town, which most of the game centers around. After collecting a Crystal Star in the game and visiting the Thousand-Year Door, Mario will go to him for guidance on what to do next.

Although Frankly is wise, he is not fit out for travel on the road, and even says this after training Mario. This is why he does not accompany Mario on his quest.


  • Professor Frankly is infamous of being one of few characters in the game to break the fourth wall.
  • Ishnail's house is located behind Professor Frankly's house.