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This article is about Princess Toadstool's appearance in the DiC Cartoons.You may be looking for Nintendo character, Princess Peach.You can also go to the disambiguation page, Princess Peach (disambiguation).

Princess Toadstool appears in the DiC Cartoons, based off the Nintendo character. She appears in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. She made her first appearance in The Bird! The Bird!.


Physical appearance

Princess Toadstool's appearance is based off Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2 of the original NES game. She appears as a redhead instead of the usual blonde due to the limited video game pixels and sprites of the original games, is tall compared to Mario and Toad at least, has light green-bluish colored eyes and appears a bit younger compared to the video game version or at least is in her late teens. The Princess' golden crown lacks the numerous jewels and she is also barehanded without her signature white gloves. She also wears a huge gown like dress light pink at the top and the lower part of her dress is a much darker shade of hot pink as well as blue often purple-colored slippers on her feet.

Personality traits

As the local and apparent only ruler to the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Toadstool is seen as very sweet, kind-hearted thoughtful, brave and adventurous. While she is often alongside Toad is taken captive by King Koopa and his minions,she is usually able to escape if not by the aid of the Marios then a few times by herself and despite her petite appearance and helplessness, she is often capable of fighting alongside the Marios and Toad against Koopa's minions. Although Princess Toadstool aims to search for someone in the numerous worlds she and the others visit to defeat King Koopa, she very much enjoys helping other people especially the young Mushroom children of Pasta-Land.


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