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Princess Peach's Castle, also known as Mushroom Castle, Peach's Castle, or Castle Toadstool, is the home of Princess Peach and the centerpiece of Toad Town. The castle makes its first overall appearance in Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen!, but its first game appearance is in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

One of Princess Peach's Castle's most notable appearances is in Super Mario 64, in which its outer design shows a light gray brick exterior, a red-tiled roof, and a stained window glass of Princess Peach on the front, a design that has stuck since. It also takes place in a hilly area, and a moat surrounds the castle from the front, and above it is a bridge leading to the front doors of the castle; these features have also since been common throughout the appearances of Princess Peach's Castle, but not to the extent of the castle exterior itself.

In Super Mario series[]

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Super Mario 64[]

Peach Castle SM64

A view of Princess Peach's Castle during the intro of Super Mario 64

Princess Peach's Castle is the main hub area. The area in front of the castle is the Castle Grounds, while the area behind the castle is the Castle Courtyard. Most of the rooms in the castle have at least one painting, some of which can be jumped into to access a certain course. Most paintings leading to a course are located behind a Star Door, most of which can only be unlocked once Mario has collected at least a certain number of Power Stars. There are also a few Big Star Doors, most of which lead to a course where Bowser is fought.

When Princess Peach's Castle is first accessed, Mario hears Bowser's voice telling him to scram. Bob-omb Battlefield is the only accessible course because its Star Door does not require any Power Stars.

In the ending, after Bowser has been defeated at Bowser in the Sky, Princess Peach emerges from the stained glass window on the front of the castle. She gives Mario a kiss and offers to bake a cake for him, just as she stated in the opening.

Once all 120 Power Stars have been collected, the cannon in the Castle Grounds is unlocked, allowing Mario to be launched onto the roof of the castle, where there are three 1-Up Mushrooms and Yoshi, who rewards Mario with an enhanced Triple Jump ability.

Five secret Power Stars are obtained within Princess Peach's Castle itself. Three are each obtained by talking to certain Toads, while the other two of these Power Stars are obtained by catching MIPS around the castle.

Super Mario 64 DS[]

SM64DS Peach's Castle

A view of Princess Peach's Castle in the file select screen in Super Mario 64 DS

Princess Peach's Castle is once again the main hub area, like the original Super Mario 64. It features several differences, with one of the more notable ones being that rabbits were added around for each character to catch.

In the opening cutscene, Yoshi can be seen sleeping on Princess Peach's Castle. Later, one of the Lakitu Bros. wakes up Yoshi, who has been taken to the ground, to inform him that Mario, Luigi, and Wario have yet to return. The front doors of Princess Peach's Castle are locked, and Yoshi has to catch a rabbit to obtain its key so that he can open the castle doors, permanently unlocking them.

Because MIPS was replaced in favor of the rabbits, only three of the Power Stars within the castle make a reappearance. Three more Power Stars were added in Super Mario 64 DS, making for a total of six. In no particular order, the first of these Power Stars can be obtained in the Courtyard by defeating the Boos to collect the eight Red Coins, the second Power Star can be obtained by catching all eight Glowing Rabbits, and the third and last of these Power Star can be obtained by Luigi if he uses the Power Flower to go through the large mirror in the room with the Snowman's Land and Chief Chilly Challenge paintings to enter a door leading into a room featuring only a white void and a Power Star.

The three 1-Up Mushrooms return on the roof of Princess Peach's Castle, but one of Luigi's rabbits were added there. Just as before, the cannon can be unlocked by collecting every Power Star, with 150 being the total in the remake.

In VS mode, one of the stages takes place in the Castle Grounds, which adds barriers at the front doors of Princess Peach's Castle so that it cannot be entered.

New Super Mario Bros.[]

Peach's Castle NSMB background

The background appearance of Peach's Castle in New Super Mario Bros.

Princess Peach's Castle has only a few background appearances. In the intro, as Mario and Peach are on a walk together, a bolt of lightning strikes Princess Peach's Castle, which distracts Mario as he proceeds to investigate it, while Bowser Jr. sneaks up on Princess Peach to capture her, setting the game's events. In World 1-1, Princess Peach's Castle can be seen in the background, a feature also present in the first level of subsequent New Super Mario Bros. installments.

The minigame Balloon Racing takes place just outside of Peach's Castle, and Yoshi has to ascend to an airship above the castle.

The castle itself retains its general design from Super Mario 64, but it is instead shown to be placed on a large, round hill.

Super Mario Galaxy[]

Bowser uses the power of the Grand Stars to transport the Castle, with Princess Peach within, to the Center of the Universe. In appearance, the Castle looks like a modernized version of its Super Mario 64 design, maintaining all major elements from its Predecessor.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[]

Princess Peach Castle Sprite
Peach's Castle NSMBW

Peach's Castle, as it appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The first part of the opening cutscene takes place in Princess Peach's Castle, where Peach holds her birthday party. The Koopalings then kidnap Princess Peach, prompting Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad to chase after them. Two Toads in the castle launch Penguin Suits and Propeller Mushrooms out of a cannon, scattering them throughout the levels to assist the four playable protagonists.

From the map of World 1 itself, Princess Peach's Castle can be accessed to watch hint movies, and each of them can be obtained by giving Star Coins to a Toad. Princess Peach's Castle appears in the background of World 1-1, like with New Super Mario Bros..

Super Mario Galaxy 2[]

While only seen during the Introduction, and End Credits, the Castle makes no changes to its Super Mario Galaxy design.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[]

NSMB2 Prologue

Mario and Luigi waving goodbye to Peach on the balcony of her castle in New Super Mario Bros. 2

Princess Peach's Castle is first seen during the intro, specifically on the balcony, where Mario and Luigi (in their Raccoon form) wave goodbye to Princess Peach as they set off to go on a coin hunt. It makes a background appearance in World 1-1. Princess Peach's Castle has the same appearance as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but like in New Super Mario Bros., the interior is never shown.

In the Gold Classics Pack, Princess Peach's Castle appears in the hidden area of Third Course.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[]

Peach's Castle serves as the eighth world after Meringue CloudsBowser had taken over Peach's Castle, where the final level takes place.

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Super Mario Odyssey[]

After rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, Mario can travel to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he can enter Princess Peach's castle. While the castle's interior is heavily based on the version seen in Super Mario 64, there are very noticeable differences, such as most of the doors that lead to the paintings are missing, and the Big Star Door on the first floor is replaced with a throne.

In Mario Kart series[]

Mario Kart 64[]

Princess Peach's Castle appears in Royal Raceway, although not on the main course. It has the exact same design as in Super Mario 64. Racers can drive around the Castle Grounds, up to the front door of the castle, which cannot be entered. However, doing so does not accomplish anything and instead costs them time.

The Award Ceremony takes place outside of Princess Peach's Castle, where the top three racers drive to and hop onto the podium placed just outside the castle.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit[]

Princess Peach's Castle is in the background of four courses: Peach Circuit, Mario Circuit 1, Mario Circuit 4, and Battle Course 3. In the courses, the castle is designed after its appearance in Paper Mario, but in the icon for Peach Circuit's, Princess Peach's Castle more closely resembles its appearance in the key artwork for Super Mario 64. In the background of Rainbow Road, Princess Peach's Castle appears on top of Bowser's Castle, much like during the events of Paper Mario.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!![]

Mario Circuit MKDD icon

The castle, as seen in Mario Circuit's course select icon in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Princess Peach's Castle makes a cameo in two courses, Mario Circuit and Mushroom Bridge, the latter only showing it in Grand Prix mode. In Mario Circuit, the castle is near the course, but is cut off from the road and separated by walls. In Mushroom Bridge, Princess Peach's Castle can be seen vaguely obscured by fog in the background, just before the first tunnel.

Mario Kart DS[]

Princess Peach's Castle appears in the background of Mario Circuit, where it situated on a large lake in the middle of the track. The castle also appears in Peach Gardens, where the characters drive outside of it during the last part of the course, right before the finish line. Princess Peach's Castle makes a returning appearance in GBA Peach Circuit, although it no longer has the flags.

Mario Kart Wii[]

Princess Peach's Castle returns in the game's iteration of Mario Circuit. Shy Guys and Hammer Bros. are seen sitting on the fences that surround the castle and houses, acting as spectators. Peach's Castle also appears another returning course, GCN Mario Circuit, and in a returning Battle Stage, GBA Battle Course 3. In the latter, the flags of Peach's Castle have been removed, like GBA Peach Circuit in Mario Kart DS.

Mario Kart 7[]

Princess Peach's Castle appears in the game's Mario Circuit. The castle has a more notable role than in earlier Mario Kart games because a portion of the course involves the racers driving through the castle itself.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX[]

Main article: Peach Castle (race course)

Princess Peach's Castle has a course named after it, Peach Castle. Part of the course involves the racers driving inside the castle, like in Mario Kart 7's 3DS Mario Circuit. The castle is larger, and the background features boxes where pieces of character artwork pop out of, in the manner of a jack-in-the-box.

Mario Kart 8[]

Peach's Castle MK8

Peach's Castle, as it appears in the background of N64 Royal Raceway in Mario Kart 8

The game introduces another Mario Circuit built around Princess Peach's Castle, which is on a large hill in the center of the track. Aside from this, Princess Peach's Castle makes a reappearance in the classic course N64 Royal Raceway. Aside from graphical updates, Princess Peach's Castle is essentially the same as in Mario Kart 64, but racers can no longer go to the castle because the Castle Grounds have been blocked off.

Mario Kart Tour[]

Peach's Castle returns in a few classic courses, including 3DS Mario Circuit, N64 Royal Raceway, DS Mario Circuit, and GBA Peach Circuit. In 3DS Mario Circuit, Princess Peach's Castle was given an updated design and doors at the front entrance.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[]

Princess Peach's Castle retains the same purpose in the base game as Mario Kart 8. In the Booster Course Pass's fourth wave, Princess Peach's Castle returns as a background element in DS Mario Circuit, and has the same design as in Mario Kart Tour.

In Wrecking Crew '98[]

WC98 Peach's Castle

The castle in Wrecking Crew '98

In a scene shown after winning Tournament mode, Princess Peach's Castle can be seen in the background as the player's character parades in a car on the Castle Grounds, just outside the castle.

In Mario Golf series[]

Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)[]

The course Peach's Castle is named after Princess Peach's Castle, although the castle does not make any appearance.

Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)[]

Peach's Castle front field MT GBC

Various characters standing in front of the castle

Main article: Peach's Castle (Game Boy Color golf course)

During the game's story, Princess Peach invites the protagonist to compete in her castle after they have completed the other four tournaments. Unlike other appearances, Princess Peach's Castle is on a floating landmass in the sky, and it can be reached by blasting out of a cannon. The game features its own course named Peach's Castle.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour[]

The golf course Peach's Castle Grounds takes place near the castle, which can be seen in the first and eighteenth holes.

Mario Golf: World Tour[]

Peach's Castle makes a background appearance in the course Peach Gardens.

In Paper Mario series[]

Paper Mario[]

In Paper Mario, the Castle is nearly identical to its design in Super Mario 64, differences include the stain-glass window being replaced by a bronze Super Mushroom Emblem, the Castle's flags changing in color from red to blue, and some of the spare rooms being put to use; For example, there is now a door at the top of the stairs in the Main Hall that leads into the Ball Room, which in turn connects Peach's Room, and the Castle Balcony.

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In Mario Party series[]

Mario Party 3[]

Princess Peach's Castle appears in the intro, and entering it allows the player to play any unlocked minigames and music or change the game options. Princess Peach's Castle also appears in the background of the minigame Curtain Call.

Mario Party 4[]

MP4 characters in intro scene

The characters near Peach's Castle in the opening cinematic for Mario Party 4

Princess Peach's Castle is first seen during the opening sequence, along with the Castle Grounds. In one part, the Party Cube briefly casts a shadow over the castle as it arrives. Princess Peach's Castle also appears in the background image of the mode select screen.

Princess Peach's Castle resembles its design from Super Mario 64, but with minor differences, such as different windows.

Mario Party 5[]

In Coin Cache, the characters are seen walking out of the castle's front doors during the opening. For the rest of the minigame, Princess Peach's Castle remains in the background.

Mario Party 6[]

Peach's Castle makes a cameo appearance on the TV of the Miracle Book page "Spring Cleaning."

Mario Party 7[]

The ceremony after completing a Party Cruise game takes place outside of Princess Peach's Castle, but within the MSS Sea Star. Here, after Toadsworth hands out the Bonus Stars, every contestant enters the castle, where the Superstar is determined. Once the characters reach the top of Princess Peach's Castle, the doors open, revealing whoever the Superstar is.

Princess Peach's Castle is visible on a painting in the Duty-Free Shop.

Mario Party 8[]

The minigame Crank to Rank takes place in the Castle Grounds in front of Princess Peach's Castle, located in the background.

Mario Party 9[]

Both the intro and ending for Solo Mode take place outside Princess Peach's Castle, which also appears in the background of the main menu. In both of the castle's appearances in Solo Mode, the characters look through a telescope outside the castle to view the Mini Stars.

Mario Party: Island Tour[]

Peach's Castle makes several background appearances during the intro scene.

In Mario & Luigi series[]

Ghostt Spoiler warning : Don't you even dare read the spoiler! Because if you do… Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoooooo… A horrible fate awaits you.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga[]

The castle appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga as the first area explored, the first battle of the game with Bowser takes place here. After "Peach" releases a chunk of speech bombs, the castle explodes (but isn't destroyed). The outside of the Castle is known as Toad Town Square. The castle doesn't play much of a role after this. It can be seen from Hoohoo Mountain in the Beanbean Kingdom and is also seen in the ending credits. The Castle's design in this game is orange and white.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time[]

See also: Shroob Castle

Princess Peach's Castle is a hub area where the Mario Bros. can access different areas of the past via their respective time hole. Here, players can buy, sell, and trade as well as access the separate levels of the game via portals. The Mario Bros. learn some vital techniques here, such as Spin Jump and Bros. Ball. One of three Item Shops are located in Princess Peach's Castle. The boss fight again Junior Shrooboid takes place in the castle.

During the past, Peach's Castle is taken over by the Shroobs, who convert it into Shroob Castle, the final dungeon.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story[]

It makes a major appearance in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, when the Castle was temporarily taken over by Fawful. The castle was given the ability to turn into a giant robot by Fawful. It fought with Giant Bowser. It had the ability to turn invisible and shoot black holes. In this game, the Castle is fully magenta.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team[]


Princess Peach's Castle as seen in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Princess Peach's Castle is seen briefly in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team where Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the rest receive an invitation to Pi'illo Island. This design is very similar to the Princess Peach's Castle on Mario Circuit from Mario Kart 7.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[]

Princess Peach's Castle appears again in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam as the first area of the game. The appearance has changed again, looking more like Super Mario 64's version but smaller and a bit brighter and pinker. The attic is also seen, where the book containing the Paper Mario universe is held. Later in the game, after Bowser turned his castle into Neo Bowser Castle, Peach's Castle was destroyed by an airship fleet and the castle's large cannon located in the front of the platform it sits upon.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions[]

Princess Peach's Castle has a fairly similar role to the original, but received a few changes. The most notable change is the exterior. Its colors have been changed to match that of Dream Team and Paper Jam's, but the layout still remain the same as in Superstar Saga. Also, Toad Town Square has now been renamed to Peach's Castle. Another thing is that Peach's Castle is no longer visible from Hoohoo Mountain due to being blocked by the Clouds.

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In Mario Baseball series[]

Mario Superstar Baseball[]

The course Peach Garden takes place outside the front of Princess Peach's Castle. In Challenge mode, Princess Peach's Castle can is visible at the upper-left area of the map, and it is intended to represent the Peach Garden stage.

In Princess Peach series[]

Super Princess Peach[]

In the intro, while Princess Peach, Toadsworth and another Toad were enjoying a walk, Princess Peach's Castle was affected by the Vibe Scepter after Bowser's minions captured Mario, Luigi and Toad. When Peach arrives back from her walk, she notices that her castle had been taken over, and her journey starts from here.

Princess Peach: Showtime![]

The castle in its Super Mario Odyssey design is returning in the intro of her new own game, where she was taking a walk with a Toad, when another Toad came out of the castle presenting a flyer advertising a show at the Sparkle Theater.

In Yoshi's Island DS[]

Princess Peach's Castle makes a small cameo during the intro cutscene, specifically when the Toadies kidnap Baby Peach from the castle. During the credits, the castle makes another cameo, when the Stork returns Baby Peach to her castle.

In Mario Sports Mix[]

Main article: Peach's Castle (court)

Princess Peach's Castle has its own namesake court, Peach's Castle, which takes place outside the castle itself. Peach's Castle is also a background element for Mushroom Cup tournaments.

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. series[]

Super Smash Bros.[]

Princess Peach's Castle is the namesake for the Peach's Castle stage. However, the stage takes place high above Princess Peach's Castle, which is distantly visible from below, along with the Castle Grounds.

Super Smash Bros. Melee[]

Main article: Princess Peach's Castle (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
Princess Peach's Castle SSBM

The castle, as seen in the Princess Peach's Castle stage, in Super Smash Bros. Melee

There is a stage named Princess Peach's Castle, and the battle takes place on top of the castle itself. Princess Peach's Castle still retains its design from Super Mario 64, but the bricks are noticeably more brownish, the towers and windows were slightly different in shape, and a flowerbed is in front of the castle.

In Adventure, toward the end of the first stage, Mushroom Kingdom, the castle can be seen in the background, as following after the Mushroom Kingdom stage is a battle on stage takes place on the Princess Peach's Castle stage itself.

There is an unlockable trophy of Princess Peach's Castle itself.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

The castle retains its background appearance in Super Smash Bros.'s Mushroom Kingdom stage, and it is once again featured in the Princess Peach's Castle stage of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Mario & Sonic series[]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)[]

Peach's Castle, taking on its New Super Mario Bros. design, appears in the third segment of the Mario World routine in Dream Figure Skating. In both the individual and team versions of Dream Ski Cross, Princess Peach's Castle can be seen in the background of Mario Circuit, following the Mario Kart series.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[]

Princess Peach's Castle, using its Super Mario 3D Land design, appears in two of the backgrounds for Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular, specifically in the distance of the first background and forming the majority of the second and final one.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020[]

Princess Peach's Castle, using its Super Mario Odyssey design, appears in the background of Dream Karate.

Just Dance 2018[]

Just Dance Wiki article: Naughty Girl/Rabbid Peach Version
JD2018 Naughty Girl

Peach's castle in the background of Naughty Girl.

Princess Peach's Castle appeared in Just Dance 2018 on the "Rabbid Peach Version" of Naughty Girl by Beyoncé.

In other media[]

The Super Mario Bros. Movie[]

Princess Peach's castle appeared in the The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Her castle is placed on the highest peak of Mushroom Height. Like the video games, it is ruled by Princess Peach.


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