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Daisy's presence makes flowers bloom.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Although not canon to the Mario franchise, Daisy displays the ability to teleport. Daisy has yet to be seen able to use teleportation during her moveset. Daisy then also has the ability to levitate for 2.5 seconds and can use her parasol to float. In her final smash, Daisy displays many abilities including her flower manipulation and sleep inducement. Daisy can also be seen using the ability to create rainbows as a form of defense.

Mario Tennis Series

As seen in Mario Power Tennis , Daisy summons a bed of flowers leading to the location of the tennis ball. Wonder Flower is Daisy's Offensive Power Shot in Mario Power Tennis. It causes the ball to fly at normal speed and knocks opponents back about an eighth of the court. The petals that grow around the tennis racket may be orange, blue or pink. If the petals are orange, Daisy will perform a Topspin Shot, if the petals are blue, Daisy will perform a Slice Shot and if the petals are pink Daisy will perform a Flat Shot.

In Mario Tennis Aces, Daisy is seen as able to form a staircase to use as a height advantage during a special shot.

Mario Golf Series

In Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Sports Superstars , Daisy is seen able to change her outfit using her powers.

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Daisy changed from her sportswear mini golf skirt to her formal dress.

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 

In Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Daisy is shown to have telekinesis, she lifts the basketball and throws it in the rim with her mind!  

Mario Party 3

In Mario Party 3 , Bowser approaches Daisy--surprised; Daisy turns around and slaps him high in the sky 'til the point of him vanishing. This might be a form of her super strength or so.

Mario Sports Mix

In Mario Sports Mix, Daisy can form yellow pom-poms made of flowers to limit her opponent's movement, surrounding them in a flower garden with fences.

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