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"Hi I'm Daisy!"
― Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy, (デイジー姫 Princess Daisy?) or simply Daisy, is the princess of Sarasaland. She debuted in Super Mario Land after she was kidnapped by the evil alien Tatanga after he had taken over the kingdom of Sarasaland and wanted to marry her and make her his queen; however, she was eventually rescued by Mario. Although she rules Sarasaland, she resided in the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach after her resurgence in Mario Tennis.[3] Princess Daisy is the closest friend of Princess Peach and Luigi, though she has been rumored to be the love interest of Luigi. Princess Daisy is a beautiful, sweet, athletic, and energetic tomboy who participates in various sporting events.

Princess Daisy is a character from the Mario franchise. Princess Daisy was created to be the damsel-in-distress in Super Mario Land. When the Mario Tennis developers created an evil version of Princess Peach, Shigeru Miyamoto rejected the idea and game developers revived Princess Daisy, leading to Waluigi's creation due to Wario lacking a proper tennis partner. Overall, Princess Daisy has appeared in most spin-offs with Waluigi.


Physical description

Daisy's former appearance.

Princess Daisy is represented as a young woman, lightly tanned skin, with bright blue eyes, round, plump cheeks, and medium-length brown-orange hair that goes down to her shoulders and points upward.[3]

In the early days from Super Mario Land to Mario Party 3, Daisy had long brown-orange hair that goes down to her hips, making a more resembling of Peach. She wears a red crown with a daisy on it, a mixed yellow-white princess dress, white short gloves and 2 white earrings that are shaped like daisies.

Later on, until today, she wears a mixed yellow-orange dress with 2 bottom orange petal-shaped layers, a green centered daisy brooch, red high heels, just like Peach, white petal-shaped openings and collar, and earrings with green gems. Her crown changes to gold just like Princess Peach, but her crown has red and green crystal with daisies on it.

In NES Open Tournament Golf, she wore a short sundress with ballet flats, but did not keep a crown on her head. In-game, however, she was depicted as wearing a blue dress as well as blonde hair, presumably due to hardware limitations.

In Mario Tennis, she wore a mixed yellow-orange dress with a bottom white petal-shaped top, a green centered daisy brooch, white petal-shaped openings, knee-high white socks with orange sneakers, and earrings with green gems but doesn't keep her crown on her head. In Short Game mode, her Player 2 palette mans a lavender and purple dress, while the sneakers are purple as well.

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, she wore a two-piece uniform consisting a yellow sleeveless top, orange shorts, and orange shoes with mid-height white socks.

In Super Mario Strikers, Daisy wore a two-piece soccer uniform with white high-top shoes and knee high orange socks.

In Mario Strikers Charged, Daisy wore a two-piece armor set due to the intensity of the safety regulations. Her home uniform is orange while her road uniform is emerald green.

In Mario Kart Wii, Daisy wore a jumpsuit in white as the primary color with yellow as a secondary color. It includes a yellow scarf and a yellow heart graphic on the back. It features white-rimmed yellow elbow-length gloves, and matching knee-high boots in yellow with white trim and soles and keeps her crown on her head, earrings and brooch. Daisy mans this suit while riding bikes. She also mans this outfit while riding ATVs in Mario Kart 8.

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Daisy wore an outfit more suitable for colder weather. This outfit is a yellow long form fit top with an orange shrug and form fit pants with vertical white stripes on both sides. White gloves and ankle boots with a yellow bottom are included and keeps her crown on her head, earrings and brooch.

In Mario Sports Mix, Daisy wore a short dress compared to her overall appearance that was first introduced in Mario Party 4. It draws similarity to Peach's look in Toadstool Tour, but the mini-skirt has two stripes instead of one. This appearance would also be shown in Mario Tennis Open and Mario Golf: World Tour.

In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Daisy wore a yellow leotard with orange lining on either side that also functions as a swimsuit, which was used specifically for gymnastic and water-based events.

Personality traits

Daisy taunting in Ultimate.

Daisy was originally portrayed very similarly to Princess Peach; a sweet, innocent damsel-in-distress, even having the same voice actress as Peach. However, Daisy's personality was later redesigned to be of a sassy, spunky, feisty, and energetic tomboy. Daisy likes shopping and dining at restaurants. During party and sporting events, Daisy does not like to lose. As Daisy is a passionate sports girl, meaning she is very sporty and is very good at them.

Daisy is tough and hard-headed; she tries to get what she wants. Daisy attempted to claim the Beauty Stamp, but she ran off crying after she did not receive it. Daisy was disappointed to Wario and Waluigi when they did not "learn anything" after Mario defeated Lucien.

Daisy is also sensitive and rarely non-confident. Daisy was concerned for Luigi who fell upon Lucien's power. She thought that her team may not beat Lucien.

Daisy will use her charms and tough temper to get what she wants. In Mario Party 3, she flirts with the Millennium Star to get the Beauty Stamp, and she swats Bowser into the sky when he gets in her way.

In Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged, her personality is heightened. She celebrates scoring by showboating; throwing herself on the ground as she pumps her arms, brushing her shoulders off, and making a sizzling sound as she presses a finger to her backside. She responds to opponents scoring by trying to hide her injuries, and she crosses her arms and taps her foot disapprovingly at her teammates, who cower in response to her wrath.

Powers and abilities

Daisy Art - Mario Party 5.png

After Mario rescued Daisy, she was capable of her powers and abilities. Daisy can perform different physical activities without tiring herself; this gives Daisy better chances of winning. However, Daisy cannot control herself after somebody brainwashes her. Despite these potential flaws, Daisy has supernatural powers that help her survive (i.e. resist falling from extreme heights, resisting hazards).

Daisy uses magic when she performs powerful moves. Daisy can summon flowers and daisies. In Mario Power Tennis, Daisy can perform the Flowerbed Return and Wonder Flower. When Daisy performs Flowerbed Return, she summons flowerbeds when she leaps. When Daisy performs Flower Power, white petals surround her racket and she hits the ball; whoever hits the ball is pushed away. Daisy can perform Bloom Blast in Mario Tennis Aces. Daisy walks on a trail of summoned daisy petals before hitting the ball. Daisy can summon flowers by performing the Flower Shot in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. When Daisy performs this move, flowers follow the ball's trail. Daisy uses the Flower Ball in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. Her special ball summons scattered flowers; it confuses the opponents with the ball's location. In Super Sluggers, Daisy can perform the Flower Swing. When Daisy performs the move, a flower garden grows where the ball will land. In Mario Sports Mix, Daisy can perform a special shot: a fenced flower garden surrounds the opponents making the target easier to accurately hit. In Mario Golf: World Tour, Daisy victoriously summons flowers after she made an Eagle or Birdie. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Daisy's move set is like Peach's, but she summons daisies or flowers instead of hearts.

Daisy can summon rainbows. Only in Super Smash Bros. series, Daisy summoned two rainbows with her hands, inflicting damage to aerial opponents.

Daisy using Crystal Smash! in Mario Strikers Charged.

Daisy can summon crystals. Daisy can perform Crystal Smash! in Mario Strikers Charged. She summons orange crystals; they blast the opponent to the air whomever touches them.

Princess Daisy can function for longer durations without tiring herself. Daisy can continuously perform physical activities, no matter its duration. In Mario Sports series, Daisy does not tire herself in sporting events: tennis, golf and baseball. Daisy can also resist falling from extreme heights. In Super Smash Bros. series, when Daisy is launched into the air, she lands hard to the ground. Daisy getting up or attacking while on floor, proving her extreme heights resistance. Despite Daisy touching hazards (i.e. lava, toxic river), she somewhat recovered from them. In Bomb Barge, Daisy is more likely to be pushed into the toxic rivers, but survive. When Bowser breathed fire on Daisy, she immediately reacted, saving her life.

Daisy can double jump in Super Mario Run and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She can also temporarily float in the air.

"She rarely misses when playing close to the net."
Mario Tennis instruction booklet, page 32

Daisy can perform different physical activities in any condition. Daisy can play tennis, golf, soccer, baseball and perform in Olympic events. As a tennis player, Daisy rarely misses hitting the ball when playing near the net.[4] Daisy possesses superior technique with her racket.[5]

Daisy can fight opponents or victims with her body attacks. In Mario Party 3, Daisy was shocked to see Bowser standing behind her. She slapped Bowser with her hand, launching him to the sky. Like Peach, Daisy can shove opponents, resulting them to lose balance.


Daisy can master various tools and equipment. Daisy uses sport equipment during sport events. used her tennis racket to participate at tennis events (i.e. Mario Tennis Aces). Daisy uses the baseball bat during baseball events. Daisy uses the golf club during golf events. Although Daisy used her parasol several times, she can master her parasol. In Mario Party 3, Daisy used her parasol in Parasol Plummet to collect coins. The Peach Parasol in Mario Kart resembles Daisy's parasol. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Daisy performs Daisy Parasol to launch aerial opponents and glide.


Princess Daisy faced Galeem and Dharkon in the World of Light. When Galeem unleashed its light beams, Daisy got caught in them and vaporized. The golden liquid made clones of Daisy among with other fighters. Daisy fell upon Dharkon's control after Galeem's defeat, this makes her unable to control her movements. Fighters found Daisy at the Dracula's Castle and reawakened her. Daisy recruited their party and defeated Galeem and Dharkon.[6]

Princess Daisy has been held captive twice. During the events of Sarasaland's invasion, Daisy was helpless when Tatanga kidnapped her and wanted her to become his queen.[7] However, Mario rescued her upon Tatanga's defeat. In World of Light, Dharkon held Daisy captive until fighters rescued her. During sport events, the opponent can win against Daisy if they overcome her tactics. In Super Mario Run, Daisy can die when an enemy touches her while she is in her mini form.[8] Daisy was lost when she was in Remix 10, but Mario found her in Area 30.[8]



Princess Daisy uses sporting equipment in Mario Sports spin-offs. The tennis racket was the first tool used in the game, it is used in tennis events. Daisy uses the baseball bat during baseball events. Daisy uses the golf club during golf events.

  • Baseball Bat
  • Dice Block
    • Daisy Dice Block: Daisy's Dice Block with four 3's and two 4's.
    • Friendly Dice Block: Daisy's personal Dice Block, her Dice Block consists 3, 4, 5 or any number that corresponds to the number of allies the player must add to his/her total roll.
  • Golf club
  • Tennis racket


Daisy uses the kart and bike for racing events. Notably, Daisy owns a cruiser.

  • Bike
  • Daisy Cruiser: Daisy owns a cruiser and may use it for transportation.
  • Kart



Sarasaland invasion

Princess Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland. Sarasaland has four kingdoms, Birabuto Kingdom, Muda Kingdom, Easton Kingdom, and Chai Kingdom.

Tatanga brainwashed the people in Sarasaland and conquered it. He kidnapped Daisy, plotted to marry her and to be his queen. When Mario learnt this incident, he traveled through the four kingdoms and fought Tatanga. Upon his defeat, Mario rescued Daisy and the people are free from Tatanga's control.

In Super Mario Land

Daisy's Super Mario Land artwork.

Daisy made her debut in Super Mario Land as the damsel-in-distress. Daisy will appear at the end of the game after the player defeats Tatanga.

In Super Mario Run

Daisy and Mario in Super Mario Run.

Princess Daisy appeared in Super Mario Run on the Ver. 3.0.4 update[9]. Daisy was lost in Remix 10 and she can be unlocked at Area 30. When Mario meets Daisy, Daisy enthusiastically says "Thank you!" while both of them reach their fist to the air. Her Mario Kart 7 artwork was used in the game. Daisy can perform a Double Jump when playing as her.[10]

In Mario Baseball series

Mario Superstar Baseball

Daisy makes her debut in Mario Superstar Baseball as a playable character.

Mario Super Sluggers

Daisy hitting the ball thrown by Mario in Mario Super Sluggers.

Daisy is a balanced character, but has more technique and is available from the start. She is the secondary captain in Peach's team. Her special shot, the Flower Ball, makes the ball she hits disappear in a burst of flowers and reappear at a different location. Her pitch has a similar effect. Daisy has good chemistry with Peach and Mario. She is available from the start in Exhibition Mode, but must be unlocked in Challenge Mode. This is the first game to show Peach and Daisy share dialogue with each other, where Peach shows concern for Daisy after Bowser Jr. turned her into a statue.

In the opening cutscene, Daisy was one of the people to ride on the small cruiser arriving at Baseball Kingdom. As the group arrived, they meet up with Peach and Toadsworth. Peach escorts them to the lighthouse as they climb up the balcony to see the view. They arrive to the stadium. Daisy transforms her Wii Remote into a bat that demonstrates the usage. Mario throws the ball to Daisy as she hits it. The next moment, Daisy and the Blue Toad were alarmed with Luigi's injury. They found out Luigi caught the ball, Lakitu calls out as everyone comes to the center.

After Bowser and Bowser Jr.'s unexpected visit, Mario visits a Red Toad who complains to Mario that Bowser Jr. transformed Daisy into a statue.[11] After Mario beats Bowser Jr. in the baseball game, Daisy transformed back to normal. As Peach arrived for Daisy, she showed concern to Daisy who assumed that they helped her transform back to normal. Daisy got off the weight but Peach realized the flood rose again. Daisy decides to wait for Peach to get the statue to replace herself before she joins the team.

In Mario Golf series

NES Open Tournament Golf

Princess Daisy made a cameo in NES Open Tournament Golf as Luigi's caddy. She also commentates while he is playing golf.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Princess Daisy made her first playable Mario Golf appearance as a default character.

Mario Golf: World Tour

Princess Daisy reappeared in Mario Golf: World Tour as a default playable character. Instead, of wearing shorts, she wears a sports dress.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Daisy once again appears as a playable character in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

In Mario Tennis series

Mario Tennis (N64)

Princess Daisy marked her overall playable appearance as a "Technique" character in Mario Tennis.

Mario Tennis (GBC)

Daisy appears as a supporting character in Mario Tennis's Exhibition Mode. Daisy compliments the player after he/she is invited to "Mario's World".

Mario Tennis Open

Princess Daisy reappeared in Mario Tennis Open as a default playable character. She is classified as a Technical character. Daisy wears her sports dress.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Princess Daisy reappeared in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash as a default playable character. She is classified as an All-Around character, unlike the previous Mario Tennis installments. Daisy wears her shorts again.

Mario Tennis Aces

Daisy positioning her racket.

Princess Daisy reappeared in Mario Tennis Aces as a default playable character. She is classified as an All-Around character with Mario and Luigi. Daisy is also playable in Adventure Mode with Mario and Peach. The player can only play as Daisy or Peach when they compete against Wario and Waluigi, who are under Lucien's control.

In Adventure Mode, everyone left Marina Stadium. After Mario claimed all Power Stones, Mario, Peach and Daisy competed against Luigi, Wario and Waluigi separately. However, Bowser stole Lucien and went to Bask Ruins. Mario ran to Bask Ruins and defeated Bowcien. After Lucien and the temple was destroyed, Aster thanked Mario. Luigi, Wario and Waluigi were free from Lucien's control. Daisy scolded Wario and Waluigi for not learning anything".

In Mario Strikers series

Super Mario Strikers

Daisy's Mario Strikers debut was Super Mario Strikers. Daisy is a playable offensive captain. She is portrayed mainly as a sassy, ready-to-win, confident girl. Her outfits are all two piece that mainly consist of the color orange. In this game, Daisy is voiced by Deanna Mustard. Daisy's team number in Super Mario Strikers is 9. Daisy's Mega Strike is called Torpedo Strike which causes Daisy Emblems to appear behind the ball. Her and Peach both have a stadium called "The Palace."

Mario Strikers Charged

This is Daisy's second appearance in the Mario Strikers series. This time, instead of being an offensive captain, she is a defensive captain. Again, she is portrayed by Deanna Mustard. Daisy's main color theme is still orange, with her team number still being 9. Daisy's special ability in this game is Crystal Smash!. This ability allows Daisy to punch to ground which summons a ring of huge orange crystals. These crystals can knock out anybody that is near Daisy. Daisy's main outfit is orange gear with a slight flower pattern. Her other outfit is a lighter blue tone. Both of these outfits are two piece with long-sleeved shirts, shorts, and thigh-high socks.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Daisy was first announced, in July 19th, 2022, to be added in the 1st free update in July 21st, 2022. As of now, Daisy is a playable character, making her third playable appearance in the Mario Strikers Series. She is still portrayed with orange gear and her team number being 9. Daisy is voiced by Deanna Mustard, having some of her voice clips being reused from Mario Kart 8. Daisy's Mega Striker is called Flower Spiral. Her character type is technique.

In Mario Kart series

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Princess Daisy made her Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Peach is her predominant partner and the Bloom Coach is her predominant kart. The Heart is Daisy's default special item. Her track, Daisy Cruiser appears in the Flower Cup.

Mario Kart DS

Daisy is an unlockable middleweight driver in Mario Kart DS. The Power Flower and the Standard DS are her default karts. Daisy can use the Light Dancer after the player won gold trophies for all Nitro or Retro courses. The player must obtain all gold trophies in the 50cc Retro courses.

Mario Kart Wii

Biker Daisy in Mario Kart Wii.

Princess Daisy is an unlockable middleweight driver in Mario Kart Wii. The player can play as Daisy after being ranked more than one star in the 150cc Special Cup. Additionally, Daisy Circuit appears in the Special Cup.

Mario Kart 7

Daisy is an unlockable lightweight driver in Mario Kart 7. The player can play as Daisy after they win the 150cc Mushroom Cup. Additionally, Daisy has two courses, Daisy Hills and Daisy Cruiser.

Mario Kart 8/Deluxe

Daisy is a default lightweight driver in Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe. Daisy's course does not appear although there are a few courses with Daisy-related features.

In Mario Party series

Mario Party 3

Artwork of Daisy playing Parasol Plummet.

Daisy's second playable appearance was in Mario Party 3. The princess is not playable in the Story Mode, but she is playable in Party Mode[12] and Battle Mode.

In Story Mode, she appears after the player wins the Courage Stamp. She wanted to have the Beauty Stamp and even tricked the Millennium Star into almost giving it to her. However, she was defeated by the player and ran off crying. She mentioned her father who remained unnamed and unseen.[13]

Mario Party 4

Artwork of Daisy playing GOOOOOOOAL!!.

In this game, Daisy's design has changed into her current design. She has short hair and wears a yellow dress with orange attires with two layers. In the Mushroom Kingdom, Daisy and the other characters were in Peach's Castle Garden when they saw something big landing in the Garden. They all find out that Toad, Goomba, Boo, Shy Guy, and Koopa Troopa discovered a mysterious Party Cube.

Mario Party 5

Artwork of Daisy playing Dinger Derby.

One day, in the peaceful Dream Depot, the Star Guards invited Daisy and other people to a party. They decided to give them a chance to visit the world of dreams. Bowser planned to invade Dream Depot and destroy everyone's dreams. Daisy and the others fought Bowser and defeated him. While the two people were floating, Bowser sulked for his loss and realized his dream came true. Bowser told Daisy his dream that he wished for a strong opponent; despite his loss in the battle, he won his dream and Bowser fare welled Daisy.

Mario Party 6

Daisy's artwork of herself playing Freeze Frame!.

Daisy is a playable default character in Mario Party 6. Her game description mentions that Daisy resided in the Mushroom Kingdom.[14]

In the story plot, Brighton and Twila, the sun and the moon respectively, started to argue because they wanted to know who is the more impressive. Daisy and the others tried to get them to make up, but Brighton and Twilight continued. Then they all had an idea, they decided to throw a Mario Party and gather the power of the Star and to use their power to calm down the arguing beings.

Mario Party 7

Daisy artwork in Mario Party 7.

During the event of Mario Party 7, Daisy and the Mario crew all received an invitation from Toadsworth to go on a luxury cruise, but Bowser did not get invited and decided to sabotage the party. Once again, Mario, Daisy and the other people attending fought against Bowser.

Mario Party DS

Daisy's reused artwork from Mario Party 6.

Daisy reappeared in Mario Party DS as a playable character. In the story, Daisy, Mario, and his friends received a letter from Bowser who apologized for his behavior and invited them to his place. When they arrived, they realized it was fake as they were locked in a cage by Bowser and Bowser Jr.. Bowser used the Minimizer to shrink them to chess piece sizes and were thrown out from a distance by Kamek. Daisy helped Wiggler defeat the Piranha Plant who had infested his garden. Then Daisy helped Toadette who complained about Hammer Bro abusing her instruments. Daisy helped Diddy Kong who was concerned about Donkey Kong who was transformed into a statue by Dry Bones, thus Daisy defeated it. Daisy noticed a Koopa worrying about Kamek who trapped his grandfather in the book. Daisy along with the group encounter Bowser in Bowser's Pinball Machine. Daisy prepared to fight against Bowser, thus she grew back to her normal size to defeat Bowser. Bowser and Bowser Jr. were tied up even the Sky Crystals combined into a crystal DS, allowing them to play Triangle Twisters. Thus they included Bowser and Bowser Jr. to play the game too.

Mario Party 8

Daisy (Mario Party 10).png

Daisy reappears in Mario Party 8 as a default character. Mario, Daisy, MC Ballyhoo, and the rest of the crew attend the Star Carnival. MC Ballyhoo hosted an event in the Star Battle Arena. After Daisy won the event, Ballyhoo was about to give the Star Rod until Bowser snatched it. Daisy competed the final board in Bowser's Warped Orbit. After Daisy triumphed Bowser's minion, Bowser returned the Star Rod, but changed his mind to star the final showdown. As Daisy used the magical powers from the Star Rod, she defeated him and returned to the carnival. MC Ballyhoo declared Daisy as the superstar.

Mario Party 9

Daisy posing alongside Peach holding a Dice Block.

Daisy appears in Mario Party 9 as a playable default character. Some of her voice files are reused from Mario Super Sluggers. During Solo Mode, Daisy and the others were stargazing. They notice a purple vortex trapping the Mini Stars. Mario along with Daisy and other friends agree to retrieve the stolen stars from Bowser and Bowser Jr. while Shy Guy and Kamek follow the group. At the end of Solo Mode, Daisy and her ally retrieved the Mini Stars that had been released from the machines. Mario and his friends were seen watching the stars again.

Mario Party: Island Tour

Daisy reappeared in Island Tour as a playable default character. Notably, her Mario Kart 7 artwork was reused along with her voice clips from Mario Party 9.

At the prologue, everyone was roaming around Mushroom Kingdom. Daisy was seen walking and talking with Luigi. Mario received at letter about they were invited to the party. They were trapped in the bubble carrying them to the sky before partying. At the introduction of the game, Daisy's reused Mario Kart 7 artwork is shown in the bubble.

Mario Party 10

Daisy's Mario Party 10 artwork, reusing the Mario Kart 7 artwork.

Daisy returns as a playable default character in Mario Party 10. Daisy's Mario Kart 7 has been reused to introduce her. Daisy has new voice clips that has been used in the next Mario Party games. Daisy is one of the characters not to be playable on Amiibo Party.

Mario Party: Star Rush

MPSS Daisy.png

Daisy is a default playable character in Star Rush. Daisy's description may imply that it also mentions her Dice Block,[15] the Friendly Dice Block with balanced numbers of 3 and 4. Daisy can bloom flowers receiving coins; this goes the same with Peach and Toadette.

Mario Party: The Top 100

Daisy is one of the eight playable characters in The Top 100. Daisy's stock icons have been reused from Star Rush. Her description mentions that she is up for a "friendly competition".[16] On the credit roll, Daisy appears on the Mario Party 3 section along with Waluigi; it interprets their Mario Party debut.

Super Mario Party

Daisy returns as a playable character in Super Mario Party. Her voice clips were reused from Mario Party 10. Daisy's description describes her as the ruler of Sarasaland that "loves the thrill of the chase".[17]

In the beginning of the story, Mario, Daisy among their friends were arguing that were determining who will become the "Super Star". They agreed that Toad and Toadette will be the judges. However, Bowser and his minions arrived who said that himself or one of his minions can become a "Super Star". Bowser summoned Kamek and decided him to be the host that made the judgement "fair" and "impartial". After Kamek created a venue, the whole group cheered before the introduction of the game appears.

Daisy's Dice Block consists the same numbers of 3 and 4 that she had in Star Rush. On boards, when Daisy becomes a player's ally, she says that she is "sure to win".

Mario Party Superstars

Daisy appears as a playable character in Mario Party Superstars. She is described as "An energetic princess who is particularly fond of her flower earrings." In Mario Party Superstars, she is voiced by Deanna Mustard.

Non-canon appearances

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the Mario series and/or isn't considered to be part of the series' overall storyline.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Daisy makes her cameo in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a trophy. She is also referenced in one of Peach's alternate costumes.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Daisy makes her cameo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy. She is also referenced in one of Peach's alternate costumes.

Super Smash Bros. 4

Daisy makes her cameo in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a trophy. She is also referenced in one of Peach's alternate costumes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Official SSBU artwork.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Daisy makes another appearance, and the first time being a playable character but referred as an Echo Fighter of Princess Peach.[18][19] Daisy's design is based off her default dress, but her aesthetics are complementary to Peach's dress.

In Classic Mode, her opponents are all princesses in their respective franchise. Her route, Sarasaland Represent! mentions her homeland.

Daisy appeared in the World of Light gameplay, but absent in the opening cutscene. She is one of fighters to be caught by Galeem's light beams and fell under Dharkon's control. Daisy can be recruited in the Dracula's Castle sub-area, where a ghost guards her. The fighter must free Dry Bowser's spirit in order to use the cannon the destroy the ghost.

Yakuman DS

Princess Daisy is an unlockable character in Yakuman DS. Daisy is rated three stars. As an opponent, Daisy will attempt using riichi, to add the extra yaku and perform a closed tsumo.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

List of game appearances


Main article: Princess Daisy/Quotes

Game data

Mario Kart series
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
MKDD Daisy icon.png
Availability: Standard
Partner Peach
Acceleration ★★★
Speed ★★★
Weight ★★
Special Item Heart
Special Kart Bloom Coach
Course Daisy Cruiser
Bio1 This is Princess Daisy's first foray onto the circuits. She's so cute she's become something of an idol.
Bio2 Whoever said girls can't drive never met Daisy. She's fast, fearless, and not afraid to trade a little paint with anyone who tried to pass her.
Mario Kart DS
MKDS Daisy icon.png
Availability: Unlockable
Weight Medium
Karts Default Power Flower, Standard DS
Unlockable Light Dancer
Website "With similar skills to Mario, Daisy's plus points are her maneuverability and use of items. Her karts also have a tight turning circle, meaning that power-sliding around a corner is a cinch."
Mario Kart Wii
Availability: Unlockable
Class Medium
Speed +4
Handling +2

Mini-Turbo +3
Website "A sweet smile and a friendly face don't mean Daisy is a push-over when the racing gets tough. When the green light flashes, she leaves her friendships at the starting grid!"
Guide "Hi, I'm Daisy! Peach's cousin is louder and less proper, but she's always friendly to Mario and Luigi for saving her from Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman."
Mario Kart 7
Availability: Unlockable
Class Light
Stat Boosts
Speed 3.25
Acceleration 3.5
Weight 2.75
Handling 3
Off-Road 3.75
Rival Order
PeachMKW.png WarioMKW.pngLuigiMKW.png

Note: At the end of the race, the results show the order which CPU drivers finish the race when playing Daisy. If Wario is not unlocked yet, Luigi will replace Wario. Otherwise, Luigi is her third rival.

NA.png "Princess Peach's royal buddy is also a talented all-around kart racer. She even has her own track."
EU.png "Daisy is the tomboy princess who’s always one of the first out of the blocks thanks to her outstanding acceleration."
Guide "Daisy wasn't about to sit by while her friends had all the fun. Like Peach and Yoshi, Daisy balances relatively low speed with great acceleration."
Mario Kart 8/Deluxe
MK8 Daisy emblem.png Daisy
MK8 Daisy icon.png
Availability: Standard
Class Medium
Stat Boosts
Ground speed 3.25
Water speed 3.75
Air speed 3.25
Anti-gravity speed 3.5
Acceleration 2.75
Weight 3.25
Ground handling 3.75
Water handling 3.75
Air handling 3.5
Anti-gravity handling 4
Traction 4
Mini-Turbo 2.5
Rival Order

MK8 Peach icon.png MK8 Waluigi icon.png
Note: At the end of the race, the results show the order which CPU drivers finish the race when playing Daisy.

“HI, I’M DAISY!” The exuberant princess from another land is back on the track! She’s a match for Peach and Yoshi in terms of stats, but there’s probably no other racer on the track who’s as happy to be on the starting grid as she is
Mario Kart Tour

MKT Daisy icon.png Daisy
MKT Daisy.png
Rarity: Super
Special Skill
MKT Heart.png

This heart is overflowing with kindness! It will protect you from opponents' attacks.

Favored courses
3 items per box Daisy Hills
Daisy Hills T
Cheep Cheep Lagoon R
Shy Guy Bazaar R
2 items per box Toad Circuit T
Yoshi Circuit T
Shy Guy Bazaar T

MKT Daisy icon.png Daisy (Holiday Cheer)
MKT Daisy (Holiday Cheer).png
Rarity: High-End
Special Skill
MKT Lucky Seven.png

Lucky Seven
Surround your kart with seven items. Tap once to use them all!

Favored courses
3 items per box Mario Circuit 1R
Koopa Troopa Beach T
Toad Circuit R
Mario Circuit 3
Paris Promenade
2 items per box Cheep Cheep Lagoon R
Mario Circuit 1R
Mario Circuit 3R

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Creation and development

Gunpei Yokoi and his development team created a video game called Super Mario Land, a classic gameplay style of Super Mario Bros. where Mario explores Sarasaland to rescue Princess Daisy from Tatanga.[20] During the development of Mario Tennis, Shigeru Miyamoto rejected the idea of evil version of Peach, WaluPeachie rom game developers; they revived Daisy. There are game descriptions that mention Daisy residing in Mushroom Kingdom.



  • Daisy is the first major Mario character to not be created by Shigeru Miyamoto.
  • It has been known that Daisy has a tomboyish personality.
    • This is shown by Daisy and Yoshi's tag team name in Mario Party 8 being Tomboy Trouble.
    • Most of her game descriptions or official websites refer her as a "tomboy".
    • But Daisy is not a total tomboy, as she wears a dress and has flower earrings with no shame, and is quite fond of her looks.
  • In Mario is Missing!, there is a woman that provides the help information who has a strong resemblance to Princess Daisy in terms of appearance. However, it is not confirmed as to whether this character is Daisy or not.
  • Daisy was played by Samantha Matthis in the live-action movie Super Mario Bros., only she was a blonde, dinosaur/human hybrid and the princess of an alternate dimension called Dinohattan.
  • She was also in a series of comic books just titled "Gameboy Comics" which featured Tatanga escaping the Gameboy world and trying to take over the real world. In that, Daisy was his captive but didn't exactly show restraint. Instead of complaining of being a prisoner, she instead spent most of the issues just trying to politely talk Tatanga out of his conquest, since he was in love with her so she thought she could persuade him.
  • Daisy is the only Mario Kart: Double Dash!! newcomer to appear as a playable character in every subsequent Mario Kart title. Only she and Waluigi appeared in Mario Kart DS, while Waluigi was absent in Mario Kart 7, (though he was supposed to be in the game as a playable character).
  • Along with Waluigi, Daisy appears in every Mario Party game since Mario Party 3 as a playable character except Mario Party Advance.
  • Daisy never physically appeared in the Game Boy Advance title.
  • Daisy was revived because some game developers have made an evil version of Peach named WaluPeachie, but Miyamoto rejected this idea.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee, one of Peach's alternate costumes is based on Daisy's outfit and it even changes her appearance to closely resemble Daisy, while in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, it only became a recoloring of her appearance.
    • Peach no longer has the Daisy alternate costume after Daisy appears as a fighter in Ultimate.
  • In Luigi's Mansion, a picture of Daisy's model from Mario Tennis can be seen in a file, it was speculated that she was going to be the damsel in distress of the game because of this, but the plan got rejected and Mario has to get rescued instead.


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