Prince Pikante is a boss from Super Mario Galaxy 2 who is fought in the Shiverburn Galaxy during the mission "Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood." He resembles an octopus fused with a battle tank. Prince Pikante usually shoots fireballs from his mouth and cannon. He will also hurl a coconut as well as tackling Mario or Luigi. Occasionally, Prince Pikante will shoot a volley of small fiery meteors and coconuts in the air, which will plummet slowly towards the ground. The fireballs that Prince Pikante shoots will create pools of lava. In order to defeat Prince Pikante, Mario must deflect coconuts back at him. After three hits, Prince Pikante will be defeated. Prince Pikante's name is the Spanish word "Picante," which means hot or spicy. He might be King Kaliente's son.

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