Prince Bully a boss that appears in Super Mario 3D World. He can be fought at his blockade of World 6.


Prince Bully is a rather large silver Bully who's appearance resembles a cross between a furnace and a gladiator's helmet.


In battle, Prince Bully acts like regular Bullies and tries to ram into Mario. However, Prince Bully can also spit out fire that can hurt Mario. The only way to defeat Prince Bully is to ram him twice into one of the many warp pipes around the stage and attack his thinner body. The player must do this three times in total to defeat him. During the second rematch, Prince Bully will spit blue fireballs instead of the regular orange fireballs.


  • Horn Ram: Prince Bully will try to ram into Mario.
  • Fire Ball Spit Out: Prince Bully will spit fireballs at Mario trying to scorch him.
  • Fire Ball Frenzy: in one last attempt to finsh Mario, Prince Bully will spit a barrage of fireballs to scorch Mario and finish him up


  • Prince Bully is the second known Bully that is a boss. The first being Chief Chilly (though even though he's a Chill Bully, they still are subspecies of a Bully).
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