Power Quake is a badge in Paper Mario.


This badge is found in the Jade Jungle. By using Sushie, Mario can access a small island in the jungle. On this island, is a lone Spear Guy who will do battle with Mario if he gets the chance. On this island is this badge, inside of the red Question Block.

Power Quake is a useful badge as it is not only easy to find but it is also a more powerful version of the Quake Hammer Badge. This badge is used to attack all enemies on the ceiling and ground. Power Quake, like Quake Hammer, is helpful as it is one of the few ways to attack ceiling enemies. This badges costs 2 BP to wear too so it is really helpful. Its strength is based on the hammer Mario is using during the battle. To use this attack, Mario must also pay 4 FP so this attack could be not worth it.

There is a more powerful version of this badge that is called Mega Quake. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this badge is not featured as Mario, in that game, can equip multiple Quake Hammer badges and have the same effect as this badge.

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