Power Plus is a badge that appears in the Paper Mario series. Wearing the badge gives Mario a bonus to his attack power at a price of six BP. In Super Paper Mario, Power Plus is an item that permanently raises Mario's attack.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, there are two Power Plus Badges. One of these badges is found in Shooting Star Summit as it is given to Mario by Merlow for a price of twenty-five Star Pieces. The other Power Plus badge in this game is guarded by a mysterious gray shy guy by the name of Anti Guy who won't let anyone touch his treasure chest.Station in Shy Guy's Toy Box. Mario must ask to fight the Anti Guy and, by beating him, he obtains the badge.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Power Plus badges are obtained by Dazzle, the badge salesperson who takes Mario's Star Pieces who sells the badge for fifteen Star Pieces, and inside of Creepy Steeple where Doopliss' Parrot is found. Mario can also find these badges by stealing them from Wizzerds.