Power Lift is a special move that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Mario can learn this techique after getting the Gold Star from defeating Macho Grubba. It requires 3 SP to use.


To use Power Lift, the player must aim the cursor at the red and blue arrows and shoot them to help fill up the gauges. The red represents attack and blue represent defense. However, one must avoid the Poison Shroom icons. After filling up the gauge a certain amount of times, Mario and his partner's attack and defense will be rose for three turns depending on how much the player has filled up the gauge. Power Lift is a very useful move especially for boss fights given it affects both Mario and his partner.

Grubba most likely developed his idea for his power-draining machine from the Crystal Star. In battle as Macho Grubba, he is also able to raise his attack and defense for a number of turns.