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The Power Flower from Super Mario 64 DS.

Power Flowers are a type of flower that powers up Mario. They've appeared in Yoshi's Story and Super Mario 64 DS as two entirely different entities complete with their own attributes and features. They're not to be confused with the Fire Flower; a white, red and yellow flower with eyes. They replace the three caps from Super Mario 64. When Yoshi gets one, he can breathe fire. When Mario gets one, either he'll turn into a balloon to float higher places or use a wing cap (others can use it in VS. Mode). When Luigi gets one, he'll turn invisible and walk thorugh fences and immune to enemy attacks (except lava or quicksand), similar to the Vanish Cap in the N64 version. When Wario gets one, he turns metal and can walk underwater and can't get hurt, similar to the Metal Cap in the N64 version.

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