The Power-draining machine is a large machine created by Grubba that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Grubba, a long time ago, had to retire due to getting old. He then came across a Crystal Star and thought of the idea to create the Power-draining machine to drain the life out of young, strong fighters and give it to himself making him forever young. He first used this on the original champion of the Glitz Pit, Prince Mush. In present time, he also drained life from KP Pete and Bandy Andy who happened to discover is machine. During the climax of Chapter 3, Grubba (who knew Mario was searching for the Crystal Star) decided to take him out once and for all and uses the Power-draining machine on himself to become Macho Grubba. However, Macho Grubba is soon defeated and Grubba himself is taken away with his Power-draining machine presumably being destroyed.

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