Pour to Score is a minigame from Mario Party 8. In this minigame, the players must pour the right amount of sand onto the scale within the 5-grain limit shown by Shy Guy. The minigame can only be accessed by landing on a Challenge Space or the Free Play Arcade


The player enters what appears the be a game show studio. A large scale is wheeled in and a Shy Guy with a sign. The sign says two numbers about five numbers apart from each other. (i.e. 145 - 150 )


By turning the Wii Remote on its side, the player must empty a cup of sand onto the scale within the 20-second time limit. If the Minigame Timer reaches 0 or if the player is under or over the limit, the game is declared over. You can also end the game early by pressing A or B if you think that you are on the 5-grain limit. If you are within the 5-grain limit and if the timer reaches its end, then you win 5, 10 or even 20 coins based on your dart throw.