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799px-Pound Peril Mario Party 5
Pound Peril is a duel mini-game that appears in Mario Party 5.


The players attempt to find one of the twelve switches in a circle that doesn't hurt the player by Ground Pound them.

Hitting a wrong switch will cause painful events to happen to the player, slowing him or her down; and resetting the switches, making it harder to find the correct one. The player must then try a different switch. The player who Ground Pounds the switch that doesn't hurt him or her wins. Wrong switches could be poison liquid spills, zappers, 10-lb. weights, or springs. If a player ground pounds on the correct switch, a jingling sound will be heard and confetti will appear. If no one finds the correct switch in the time limit, the minigame ends in a draw.


  • GCN Stick – Move
  • GCN A – Jump
  • GCN B – Punch
  • GCN AGCN A – Ground Pound
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