The Postmaster is a character that appears in Paper Mario. He is the boss of Parakarry and his Post Office can be found within Toad Town.


The Postmaster is an elderly Koopa Paratroopa that has a mustache. He also has a blue shell, wears a blue hat, and wears glasses.


The Postmaster can be talked to anytime to read certain letters given to only Mario's partners (letters to Mario can always be found at his house). However, during the events of Chapter 4, the Postmaster's mailbag gets stolen by a Shy Guy. If Mario retrieves the Mailbag for him, the Postmaster will award Mario with a Star Piece.


This Paratroopa looks extremely serious. And stubborn. And hardheaded. If you have a letter coming, he'll give it to you. I wonder if he has one for me.


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