Possessor Ghosts are the main boss ghosts of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.  As the name implies, each Possessor Ghost possesses a different body and must be forced out before being sucked up by Luigi.  Each Possessor is defined by the number of horns on its head, each one having a horn for their turn being battled (i.e. the Grouchy Possessor has one horn for being the first boss.).

Professor Ghosts

  1. The Grouchy Possessor of Gloomy Manor.
  2. The Harsh Possessor of the Haunted Towers.
  3. The Overset Possessor of the Old Clockworks.
  4. The Shrewd Possessor of the Secret Mine.
  5. The Tough Possessor of the Treacherous Mansion.


  • The first letters of the names of each Possessor can be spelled out to form the word "Ghost".