Poshley Heights is a glitzy-glamor city for the wealthy. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario visits this city to find the sixth Crystal Star.


After saving everyone from the monsters, Mario and his friends arrive in Poshley Heights after three days on the Excess Express. Mario and the others follow Pennington to his Sanctum where he gladly takes him to the Crystal Star. However, the Shadow Sirens get to it first and leave. Fortunately, Pennigton says that was a red herring and the real one is located somewhere in the Sanctum (he doesn't know himself). Mario eventually finds a way into the painting in the back and retrieves the Crystal Star from the back. Mario then leaves and heads back for Rogueport. Mario has to head back to Poshley Heights very soon in order to get the permission slip from Goldbob to operate the cannon in Fahr Outpost.

Bowser and Kammy Koopa eventually visit Poshley Heights where Bowser manages to break the lock to the Sanctum. They head in and retrieves the Crystal Star. Pennigton eventually arrives but is terrified at the sight of Bowser and Kammy Koopa reveals that the Crystal Star is a fake. Pennigton then says that "Luigi" already got the real one which greatly upsets Bowser thinking that now Mario's younger brother is after the Crystal Stars as well.



Poshley Heights, a Luxurious Resort

Poshley Heights a Luxurious Resort
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