Pom Pom is a character that first appears in Super Mario 3D Land. She is the female counterpart of Boom Boom.


Super Mario series

Super Mario 3D Land

Mario battles Pom Pom in World 4, 6, and 7, in the airships. It is in a pink room where she is battled, in world six, she has fire in her room. Her last battle is alongside the Boom Boom. She throws a maximum of two boomerangs. When she is defeated by jumping on her three times, she releases several coins, like Boom Boom.

Super Mario 3D World

She returns in Super Mario 3D World as a boss. Her attacks are throwing Ninja stars and duplicating herself as a Ninja. She and Boom Boom have ninja attacks combined with their abilities in the sequel of Super Mario 3D Land.

Super Mario Party

Pom Pom makes her Mario Party debut in the game.[1] Along with Goomba[1] and Monty Mole[1], they are new playable characters.

Super Mario Maker 2

Pom Pom only appears in the Super Mario 3D World setting. She attacks by making duplicates and throwing ninja stars at the players.


  • Boomerang Blitz: Pom Pom will start throwing boomerangs continually until she is hit.
  • Shell Stomp: Pom Pom will retract on her shell and start stomping on the floor trying to home on Mario.
  • Shuriken Throw: Pom Pom will start throwing ninja stars at Mario.
  • Koopaninja Clone Concealement: Pom Pom will vanish in a smoke puff and reappears after being cloned. Mario have to figure out who the real one is. (hint) only check the stars that the clones are holding. the real one is the one holding a pink star.
  • Zone Change: This power is not seen very much but she change the zone in World 3 (Super Mario 3D World) the place is honey-green while at World Bowser her zone turn into lovely pink.
  • Confusion Justsu: She always make the enemy with her clones and shuriken.
  • Summoned Boom: She can summon Boom Boom but this was removed in Mario games coming in 2016.

Physical Appearance

Her arms are shorter than Boom Boom's, she has pinkish skin, a ponytail, and a polka dotted shell. Like Boom Boom her feet are clawed and padded, but the pads are not white but are pink. Her personality is very busy, at least in battles.