Poltergeists (called Boffins in the PAL versions) are a type of ghost in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They are orange and possess large brains. While Luigi explores the Gloomy Manor, Professor E. Gadd insists he captured this ghost for research. An Ancient Poltergeist is the mini-boss of Old Clockworks, and a Strong Poltergeist is the mini-boss of Treacherous Mansion. Poltergeists also appear in the bonus mission in Gloomy Manor and the Old Clockworks. A large Poltergeist called The Brain is the final boss for the local co-op mode, ScareScraper.  


The Poltergeist has the power to move objects with telekinesis. When Luigi fights the Poltergeist, it throws books at him while he searches for it.


Poltergeists are mainly orange in color. They have big, round heads with a purple nucleus in their heads representing their brains.


Poltergeists are fought in the Library in this game. They mainly attack by using their psychic powers to throw books at Luigi. These ghosts are smart and they will stay invisible when throwing books and they will sometimes block a Strobe light flash with the book they are holding. An ancient one appears in the 3rd mansion, Old Clockworks as a mini-boss of mission C-3: Roundhouse Brawl. It is more powerful but is defeated in the same way. When the Strobulb is used on it while it is carrying a book, it blocks the light using the book. It also plays the piano during the entire battle. In the Old Clockworks bonus mission, instead of books, it throws the bricks placed around the room. It can even throw books at Luigi while it is being sucked into the Poltergust 5000 to get away. 


Luigi must wait until the Poltergeist tosses the book before he can use the Strobe Light flash. Once stunned, Luigi can start sucking up the Poltergeist but he must also be careful. Books will start to fly at him when he does this so he should move around carefully. Fortunately, Poltergeists always drop Hearts whenever they're sucked up, most times fully healing Luigi.

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