Pokios are enemies that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They use their beaks to attempt to poke Mario, causing him to lose a heart. Once captured, Mario can use their beaks to climb up non-refined metal walls. Pokio can be used to push Bowser bombs into a different direction upon contact with poking. They can also be used to poke their beaks into small holes around the walls in Bowser's Kingdom, which can give Mario different things (e.g. a Power Moon). The Bonneter Biologist comments on their beak being in a hyperfolded state when it is "closed".

Their name was given to them to make fun of the name "Pinnochio", whose nose extends during his lies similarly to their beak, and the English "to poke", which is their main attack.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese
  • Spanish: El/La Picarito (Literally "Beak-birdie". El Pajarito means "little bird" while El Pico refers to a bird's beak. Second Declension, Genitive Lois/Les Picaritis.)
  • Italian: Il/La Picchiólo (Literally "Little Woodpecker". Il Picchio is a second declension noun that means "woodpecker". Il Picchiolo is second declension, genitive Lóis/Les Picchiólis.)
  • French: Le/La Pikonio
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