Plungelos are sub-bosses that appear in Super Mario Sunshine.


Plungelos are similar in appearance to Cataquacks except that they are larger and red in color.


The Plungelos are fought during the second episode of Gelato Beach: "Mirror Madness! Tilt! Bam! Slam!". A total of 6 of them can be seen walking on the mirrors preventing them from shining the sunlight onto the egg of the Sand Bird. Mario must defeat all of the Plungelos to make all three mirrors shine upon the egg which also causes the Wiggler that was sleeping on it to fall off awarding Mario with a Shine Sprite.


In battle, the Plungelos mainly walk around and attack Mario whenever he gets close or sprays them with F.L.U.D.D. If Mario is on a mirror with more than one Plungelo, he must be careful as spraying one of them will cause another to attack.


The main way to defeat the Plungelos is to spray them enough times with F.L.U.D.D. until they reach the edge of the mirror where they are about to fall off. Mario should then Ground Pound at the higher, opposite end to send the Plungelo flying. This gets a bit difficult with the mirrors that have 2 and 3 Plungelos so Mario should try his best to spray multiple ones at the same time and Ground Pound them off.

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