Planet Blobule is a location in Super Paper Mario. It is a small planet located within Outer Space and serves as the main setting for Chapter 4-2.


Chapter 4-2: A Paper Emergency

The heroes arrive on Planet Blobule and Squirps mentions that the entrance to the Space Byway is close by. He doesn't know where it is much to Tippis annoyance but then suddenly has to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately for Squirps, there is already someone in the bathroom and, through the singing, needs a piece of toilet paper. Mario and company are then forced to head out and find a piece. After battling through the many enemies there, Mario and company finally arrive at Blappy's house who is offering up an ancient piece of paper for 1,000 coins! However, the heroes manage to talk him down to 10 coins and takes the Ancient Clue back to the person in the bathroom who turns out to be the Pixl Fleep. Squirps finally uses the bathroom and Fleep joins the heroes. Using Fleep's ability allows the heroes to find their way off Planet Blobule and into the Space Byway.