Pirate Land is a board found in Mario Party 2.


Pirate Land takes place on a strip of land that is surrounded by water. The characters will travel across sandy beaches and across bridges that link the land strips together. The islands contain statues of Mario series characters and plundered treasure that can be found around the beaches. The beach is also protected by a group of pirates that guard the planks that link the islands together. The characters will encounter several Thwomps that are scattered around the beaches. Each of the Thwomps guard a certain path that the characters are forced to pay a toll in order to proceed. One of the blue spaces on the board is located next to a dock. If a character lands on that space, then Sushi will appear transport the character from one island to another island. The docks that links the two islands together are protected by the Shy Guy pirate ship. If a character lands on one of the happening spaces, the ship will start firing cannonballs at the planks and anyone who is hit returns to beginning of map.

Notable Characters and Events

  • Thwomps - The Thwomps guard certain paths that are found at conjunctions on this map. In order for a character to proceed onto that path, they must pay a toll to the Thwomp. The toll initially starts off as one coin, but the character can change the price of the toll if they have the right amount of coins. After the character pays the toll, the amount the Thwomp charges them raises by one coin. If the characters coin amount does not match the current toll amount, then they will not be able to proceed onto the path.
  • Sushi - There are two docks that are located on both islands of the board. There is also a blue space in front of each of the docks. If a character lands on one of the blue spaces in front of the docks, then they will be forced to ride Sushi to the other side of the map.

? Spaces

  • Shy Guy Pirate Ship - In the middle and the bottom left sections of the board, there are two planks that connect the two islands together. If a character lands on one of the happening spaces that are located on the planks, the Shy Guy pirate ship will start firing cannonballs at the planks. Any character that is on the planks while the pirate ship is firing cannonballs will be forced back to the starting place.