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Piranhacus Giganticus are Big Piranha Plants found in Pipes. They occasionally rise out of the pipes just like a normal Piranha Plant, but their larger size makes them harder to avoid. They appear in Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, Super Mario Maker 2, and various other games.


A Piranhacus Giganticus

Piranhacus Giganticus are first seen in Super Mario Bros. 3. They only appear in Giant Land alongside Grand Goombas and Gargantua Koopa Troopas. They rise out of the Pipes just like a normal-sized Piranha Plant or Venus Fire Trap but they can still be defeated in the same way.

Piranhacus Giganticus also appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Supermassive Galaxy. They rise out of the Giant-Sized Pipes in the Galaxy. In this game, they are invincible and cannot be defeated. They are also much bigger in this game.

A Piranhacus Giganticus from New Super Mario Bros. U

Piranhacus Giganticus return in New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Here, they are found in some levels of Soda Jungle. They are bigger than a standard Piranha Plant but smaller than a Big Piranha Plant in these games. They can be defeated with 3 fireballs or a Shell.

In Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario Maker 2, Piranhacus Giganticus can be produced by applying a Super Mushroom to a Piranha Plant. In these games, their behavior is relatively unchanged.

The Piranhacus Giganticus in the Mario Party Superstars version of Tug o' War.

A single Piranhacus Giganticus also appears in Mario Party Superstars replacing the standard Piranha Plant in this game's version of Tug o' War. In this game, it returns to its size from Super Mario Galaxy 2.


  • Their name could possibly be using binomial nomenclature, a scientific way of naming species having the genus name with the first letter capitalized (Piranhacus in this case) and a species name in lowercase (giganticus), both in italics. Which would result in Piranhacus giganticus.
  • There is a glitch that involves them. If successful, you should see the dirt blast happening constantly.

Names in Other Languages

  • Spanish: El/La Planta Piraña Gigante (Gigantic Piranha Plant. First declension (Genitive: Lois/Les Plantes Pirañes Gigántius)