Piranha Plorps are Piranha Plant-like organisms located inside Bowser's body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. They have a vein as a stalk unlike the other Piranha Plants with a vine with leaves on as a stalk. They can be found in the Energy Hold. In the field, Piranha Plorps conceal their bodies within pipes that may appear. Mario and Luigi cannot enter these pipes, so if you try to enter a pipe and it fails, that is a big signal that there is a Piranha Plorp in there. Approaching Piranha Plorps causes them to emerge and spit a purple blob of goop. Ambushing a hidden Piranha Plorp cannot be done.


In battle, Piranha Plorps battle atop small black circles with purple rims. Their attacks are spitting poison at Mario and Luigi in a sweeping stream which must be jumped over (akin to how Durmite attacks with her web spray in her first fight and with stars in her second fight), or fogging up the entire screen and spitting a red or a green blob at Mario or Luigi depending on the corresponding Bro they plan to attack. This attack be avoided with the hammer. These attacks can both poison the brothers.

Piranha Plorps are Level 17 monsters with 165 hit points, 56 attack power, a defense score of 52, and 33 Speed. They are weak to fire so Mario and Luigi can use Fire Flowers to cause a good amount of damage to them.


  • Piranha Plorps are mentioned by Viridi when she breaks her way into the Palutena's Guidance message for the Piranha Plant.