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Piranha Plant Forest
MTA Piranha Plant Forest

View of the Piranha Plant Forest.
Appears in Mario Tennis Aces
Game information
Ball Speed Normal
Bounce Strength Weak
Spectators Biddybuds
Missions 5

Piranha Plant Forest is a forest-themed tennis court in Mario Tennis Aces. Biddybuds and Yoshis are spectators of the court. The Piranha Plants have their own color-scheme that is reference to Super Mario 3D Land.

Adventure Mode

The Piranha Plant Forest is visited after Bask Ruins where Mario and Toad searched for the first Power Stone. Donkey Kong warns Mario and Toad that the forest is dangerous. They must prove their skills by beating Donkey Kong. Afterwards, Mario must defeat a horde of Piranha Plants and finally defeat Petey Piranha. The two optional missions where Mario practices with Toad rallying the tennis ball until reaches 200 points, and where Mario must hit the ball 20 times by not missing and Spike hitting the ball. Then Spike rewards him the Wooden Racket.


In-game description

  • "Piranha Plants will spit any balls they eat at the opponent's side of the court. Their appetite for tennis is truly unmatched!"
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