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Piranha's Pursuit is a 1 vs. 3 mini-game in Mario Party.


The game consists of three characters who must Hip Drop on a cloud in order to help a Piranha Plant grow. The player that is on the cloud is on a skateboard trying to escape from the Piranha Plant. As the Piranha Plant grows, it becomes faster. If the Piranha Plant catches the player on the skateboard, he/she will lose and the players on the cloud will win.

While on. Mini-Game Island, this mini-game serves as World 2-5 and the player needs to reach the end to progress forward.


Game Rules Press B Button repeatedly to escape the Piranha Plant's pursuit.
Clear the game by reaching the goal
Controls Player on the ground
A Button - Jump B Button - Run
Players on the cloud
Control Stick - Move A Button - Jump A Button+Z Button - Hip Drop
Advice As it rains on the Piranha Plant, it gets bigger and can jump farther.