Pipe Land is the seventh world of Super Mario Bros. 3 and the second-to-last world after Ice Land on World 6 and before Dark Land of World 8.

Pipe Land is a big maze filled with many pipes that lead to different areas. There are so many types of Piranha Plants in almost every pipe ready to eat Mario or Luigi whole or even burn them alive. Bowser's oldest Koopaling and second in command, Ludwig von Koopa, stole the king's wand and turned him into a Piranha Plant or Yoshi in the remakes. Mario has to defeat Ludwig and turn the king back to normal using his magic wand.

The pipes of the Pipe Maze feature all 4 types of Piranha Plants. Regular Piranha Plants, Venus Fire Traps, Munchers, and Nipper Plants that try to burn you and jump and bite when you jump over them.


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