Pillows are items that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They serve as the main key item where Luigi sleeps on them in order for Mario or anyone else to access the Dream World. They are usually pillow,s that are trapped in the dream world. Once Mario and Luigi have rescued Eldream from Dreamy Wakeport, Eldream will count up the number of Pi'illos that are rescued and give them a certain item.


Types of Pillows

There are many different types of Pillows which include:

  • Pink Pillows: The most common type of Pillow. Pink Pi'illos reside within these and they are found scattered throughout places of the Pi'illo Kingdom. Unlike the other Pillows, the Pink Pillows do not need to be released in order to process through the game.
  • Blue Pillow: A fairly common type of Pillow. They are usually found in certain areas and sleeping on them allows Mario to rescue a Blue Pi'illo which will help Mario and Luigi reach higher areas in the real world.
  • Eldream's Pillow: This is mainly Eldream in his pillow form. His pillow was taken away by Brickle, which, Mario and Luigi eventually retrieved. After freeing Eldream from Dreamy Wakeport, he will stay near his house. His pillow is mainly purple in color.
  • Prince Dreambert's Pillow: At certain points, Prince Dreambert himself will transform Luigi into a Pillow so that Luigi can rest on Dreampoints.  His pillow is mainly red in color.
  • Mega Pillows: These large Pillows are seen on Mount Pajamaja where they are the Mega Pi'illos captured in. After Mario and Luigi free two of them, the two Mega Pi'illos will then open the way for them.
  • Pi'illo Master Pillows: These pillows are only seen in Somnom Woods where they are usually guarded by Nommons. The Nommons commonly call these pillows "Nom P'illos" and they don't like to give them up unless Mario and Luigi play a game.
  • Antasma's Pillow: Like Prince Dreambert, Antasma can transform himself into a pillow so that others can enter the dream world. He used this with Bowser in order to help power Neo Bowser Castle.
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