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Piece Out (Mario Party 5 version)

Piece Out is a Duel mini-game found in Mario Party 5 and a Puzzle mini-game in Mario Party DS.

The object of the game is for players to fill their respective space with blocks by placing them in their field. Once the field is completely filled, the pieces will disappear, giving the player more chances to fill the space and get more points. Points are not awarded until the space is filled. The key to this game is to use same colored blocks. The game awards points based on the size of the area of the same-colored blocks.

There are several types of blocks:

  • Single Blocks
  • Double Blocks
  • Triple Blocks
  • Quadruple Blocks
  • Double Triple Blocks (Two rows of Triple Blocks)

Blocks can also be found in four different colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Additionally, if the player picks the wrong block(s) and wants to get rid of them, he or she must hover the blocks over a Trash Bin drawing at the bottom of the player's field. This way, the player will get rid of this block and will be able to grab a new one. Also, the player may rotate the pieces by using the R and L buttons.

As for looks, this mini-game is divided in a red side (left), the conveyor belt, which carries the blocks (middle), and a blue side (right). The Mini-game Timer is located on top of the conveyor belt.

This game features 1-minute, 3-minute and 5-minute modes in free play, although a duel is contested under the standard 1-minute mode.

The player who has the most points when time is up wins and a new recored is set when you do.


  • Move Cursor: Control Stick
  • Pick Up / Drop Piece: A Button
  • Rotate Piece Left: L Button
  • Rotate Piece Right: R Button

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