Pie Hard is a 2-vs-2 minigame in Super Mario Party.


A player throws a cream pie to its opponent that startles the team's opponents. All players grab a cream pie before the game starts. The Toads place pies on the empty spots of the table.


The players must throw cream pies at their opponents to gain points. There is a line where players cannot crossover. Players can grab one or two cream pies. The team gains one point when the pie splatters their opponent. Pies may leave a mess on the floor during the minigame.


The pies disappear from the players' hands. The winning team position themselves and does their victory animations. The losing team stays on their spots and does their losing animation.


  • NS Stick – Move
  • NS JC Right Button – Throw

In-game description

  • "Launch pies at your rivals!"
  • "You can hold up to two pies at once."
  • Tips: "The best time to take aim is when your rivals are going back to the table!"


The name of this minigame is a pun on the 1988 film Die Hard.

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