Picture Imperfect is a 4-player mini-game that appears in Mario Party 3.


The characters will be in a giant room that contains a large white screen, a warp pipe, and a block with an exclamation point over their head. Before the start of the mini-game, they will be presented a picture of various Mario characters including Toad, Wiggler, and even Mario himself. The objective of this mini-game is similar to Face Lift, where the character must replicate the image of the original character as close as possible. At the start of the mini-game, a certain facial feature of a certain character will begin to spin in the background. It is up to the player to try and capture the original facial feature from the set of other facial features. As the time progresses, the facial features will start spinning faster, causing the character to act quickly on picking a certain feature. When the player completes their picture, they will be scored on how close the image they made is to the original. Getting the correct facial feature is worth ten points, while other ones are worth various points. The player that earns the most points will win the mini-game.


  • A Button - Hit block