Picking Panic is a 2 vs. 2 mini-game that appears in Mario Party 3.


In this mini-game, players will be suspended from a rope and hanging from the brances of Woody. Both players will be at the opposite end of Woody. One player will be responsible for tossing cherries while the other player must catch them and place it in the basket on the other side. The key point of this mini-game is team work. The player must toss the cherry to their partner using good judgement. If a player throws the cherry from a higher position, then it fly over their partner's head. Likewise, if they throw the cherry too low, then the partner will be short in reaching it. The player catching the cherries must use good judgement also when catching it as it is very easy to under/overestimate the throw. Once the partner catches the cherry, they must toss it in the basket. The team that collects the most cherries at the end of thirty seconds wins.


  • A Button - Grab fruit
  • A Button (hold) - Hold fruit
  • A Button (release) - Drop fruit
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