The Pianta Syndicate is an organization founded by Don Pianta that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They make their only appearance in this game.


The Pianta Syndicate group lives on the west side of Rogueport where they have taken over that side. During Mario's arrival into town, two of Don Pianta's thugs can been seen attacking which can prove that the Pianta Syndicate have been feuding with the Robbos who live on the east side of Rogueport.

The Pianta Syndicate have also set up the Pianta Parlor where guests can play games and earn certain prizes. Also, in order for one to speak with Don Pianta, one must head into the item shop of west Rogueport and buy a Dried Shroom and a Dizzy Dial in that exact order and answer "Yellow" to the questions that follow. There, the person can speak with Don Pianta (or Frankie as of now) if they want a favor.


Don Pianta

The former leader of the Pianta Syndicate. Don Pianta was originally an aggressive person until he fell ill after his daughter, Francesca Pianta, left. After experiencing this, Don Pianta has his best employee Frankie take over the Syndicate hoping he will also take care of his daughter.


The former second-in-command and newest leader of the Pianta Syndicate. Frankie married his former boss' daughter which greatly upset him but after Don Pianta fell ill, his personality changed and gave full control of the Pianta Syndicate to Frankie. Unlike how Don Pianta was, Frankie is much more nicer and level-headed.

Francesca Pianta

The daughter of the former leader of the Syndicate. It can be assumed that after her father stepped down as the leader of the Syndicate and gave full control to Frankie, Francesca is now the second-in-command of the Pianta Syndicate.


Two large Piantas that act like guards for the Pianta Syndicate. It can be assumed that these two will throw or harm anyone that crosses the Syndicate's line. This is hinted as these two thugs attack members of the Robbos with one of the thugs saying "Da boss sends his greetings!".