The Pianta Parlor is a location that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is located in the west side of Rogueport and is run by the Pianta Syndicate.


The main purpose of the Pianta Parlor is that Mario can use the special cards that can only be obtained by completing certain troubles. Mario can then win Pianta Tokens that can only be used at the Pianta Parlor. Lahla the Boo is seen working here and doing her simple trouble nets Mario 10 Pianta Tokens.

After Mario brings Frankie and Francesca Pianta to Don Pianta after Chapter 5, Don Pianta will leave Frankie in charge of the Pianta Syndicate and leave seemingly gone forever. However, it turns out that Don Pianta just went into the Pianta Parlor where he enjoys his days and is happy to see Mario whenever he plays there.


Airplane Game

In this game, you turn into a paper airplane and compete to see how far you fly. The farther you fly, the more piantas you win! And, if you land on one of the moving platforms, you'll get a bonus. If you land on a penalty platform, you'll lose piantas, so be careful when landing. Good luck!

In the airplane game, Mario turns into a paper airplane and tries to fly as far as possible, with more piantas rewarded for farther distances. It costs 10 piantas per play. He is also able to collect piantas mid air and land on moving platforms to a bonus. There are also penalty platforms that are indicated with a -number of piantas. Upon falling to the ground, Mario is able to continue flying at the cost of 10 piantas.

Paper Game

Tube Game

Boat Game