"Scanning potential foe... Chance of my victory: 120%"
― Pi'illodium

Pi'illodium is a boss that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. As stated by Prince Dreambert, it is a defense weapon used by ancient Pi'illo folk to guard certain objects. Pi'illodium is accidentally awakened by Mario after he hammered it out of the way when he and the others tried to place the Ultibed on Pi'illo Temple in Somnom Woods.


Pi'illodium is similar in appearance to Eyepi'illos that also appear in Somnom Woods. He is large in size and is mainly golden in color. It also has an odd-shaped face and red eyes. In his weakened form, the Pi'illodium has blue eyes, signalling sadness.


Pi'illodium is a heavy hitter in battle. He always summons smaller versions of his head to attack (either by knocking one from the background which must be blocked with the hammer or by firing missiles in his image in a Chase Attack. Pi'illodium can also headbutt a Bro. although this can be blocked with a hammer, or use a laser disc attack that can hurt Mario and Luigi but can be jumped. Destroying his wings disables all of these attacks except for the laser discs, as well as making him vulnerable to all attacks and weakening his POW and DEF. Beware as before Pi'illodium is defeated, it will self-destruct and Mario and Luigi must drain his health in 40 seconds of real time.


The Bros. Attacks Bomb Derby and Slingsniper are very effective in this fight. It should be noted that after Pi'illodium's wings are destroyed, it's power and defense will decrease dramatically and it will be unable to move for a couple of turns. As for the self-destruct, using a well-aimed Slingsniper should finish it in one hit. Also, Taunt Balls can be used on the enemies in the background to bring them forward and can be destroyed to prevent the wing healing and disable the Pi'illoid Rally.


  • The enemies will have their name given as Mini-Pi'illoid if they are targeted with a taunt ball.