The Pi'illo Kingdom is a location that serves as the main setting for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It appears to be located somewhere near the Mushroom Kingdom and the Beanbean Kingdom.


The predominant indiginious species are the "Pi'illo" and the "Brocks" the "Hooski" who live on Pl'llo Island. The Hooski are similar to the "Hoohooligans" vacationing in the kingdom.



As told by Prince Dreambert and hinted by other characters such as Dr. Snoozemore, the Pi'illo Kingdom has a past history that explains how it has came to be. Long ago, the race known as Pi'illos used to inhabit the kingdom mainly and problems start to arise once Antasma started to cause havioc. It was also hinted that Antasma was stopped once by The Zeekeeper. Over time, The Zeekeeper had rested his soul in Pi'illo Temple within Somnom Woods. It is believed that he was the one that set up the defense mechanism to stop any intruders from entering the dream world of Somnom Woods.

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