Pi'illo Island is the main setting of the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is the main attraction of the Pi'illo Kingdom where many tourists, including those of the Beanbean Kingdom, go to vacation at. Broque Monsieur and his kind also appear to live here as well.


Pi'illo Blimport

Located in the western area. Pi'illo Blimport is the first area that every tourist visit as it is the first place they land on after arriving on Pi'illo Island. First timers are welcomed by a tour quide Broque Monsieur, who puts games on for  them as well.

Pi'illo Castle

Located in the exact enter of Pi'illo Island. Tourists are welcomed to Pi'illo Castle to observe the many artifacts that dates back to the ancient Pi'illo times. Pi'illo Castle is very large and contains an Item Shop, an Inn, and the unique Battle Ring.

Mushrise Park

Located directly south of Pi'illo Castle. Mushrise Park is run by a Brock named Brickle who works mainly on the garderning. Eldream's house is also located here and Mushrise Park is a beautiful place where tourists can observe the flowers and others.


Located directly west of Mushrise Park. Wakeport is the most popular attraction of Pi'illo Island where many of the tourists visit. A Beanish character named Pi'illoper and the former reporter, Kylie Koopa, are living here.

Dozing Sands

Located directly southeast of Mushrise Park. Dozing Sands isn't a popular attraction due to being mainly a prospecting area. The work is run by Britta who constantly overworks her employees.

Driftwood Shore

Located directly southwest of Mushrise Park. Driftwood Shore is another popular tourist site where the tourists learn about the mysterious SeadringsBroque Madame could also be seen living here.

Somnom Woods

Located directly east of Mushrise Park. Somnom Woods is a dark, mysterious forest that is home to the Nommons. If one ventures further, they can enter Pi'illo Temple located deeper in the woods.

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